Help Wildlife Freedom Foundation save the life of this beautiful, abandoned cat


Because some people are capable of cruelty the rest of us will never know, WFF needs your help after saving this abandoned cat.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

Piccolo, rescued by Wildlife Freedom Foundation yesterday on Roosevelt Island.

Note: You can help WFF meet the expenses for saving this abandoned cat — and others — at this location.

“A poor cat, emaciated, dehydrated, neglected and abandoned,” WFF executive director Rossana Ceruzzi wrote on Facebook. “He was not moving, had his head down and was just waiting there for either a miracle or death.

“Well he got his first wish granted.”

But hours earlier, I got a text from Ceruzzi.

“I picked him up at the Sportspark entrance. He is a senior cat.”

WFF found this painful scene, arriving just in time to save the abandoned cat.

Saving an abandoned cat isn’t simple…

As I write this, two once abandoned cats join me, one one either side, and they aren’t our first.

Close up, the horrors suffered by animals left outside by their owners are gut-wrenching. Like Piccolo, many are hungry and cold, and they often show prior signs of neglect.

“His claws were so ingrown, he could not walk,” the rescuer said. “The vet had to do microsurgery.”

Others, like our beautiful Sam, are left behind in an empty apartment when their people move.

Sam, abandoned in The Bronx, came to Roosevelt Island and found work as my wife’s helper during photo shoots.

Needless to say, dumping a cat, dog or any other animal is illegal in New York. You can get a year in jail, but the worst part isn’t about punishment… It’s about compassion, about understanding that all animals suffer when unable to fend for themselves.

A cat or dog, reared indoors, does not have the skills needed to suddenly survive outside. Hunting skills aren’t born in them, and neither can their coats instantly adjust to unexpected conditions.

WFF saves an abandoned cat…

“We called him Piccolo. Rushed him to the vet. He is super sweet and is getting hydrated and stabilized.”

She added, “He got tested for FIV/Leukemia and is negative, got blood work done. Hopefully, he will make it for the rest of his few years.”

But that costs money. For vet bills, food and shelter. And if he’s lucky enough to find a home, someone loving will care for him.

In the meantime, Wildlife Freedom Foundation needs your help in dollars and cents for this mission. There’s a “Donate” link at the top of their webpage.

Take some some time learning about the good folks who saved this abandoned cat, and if you can send them a few bucks, please do.

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