On Saturday, Eileen Fisher Renew was a Roosevelt Island Smash

On Saturday, Eileen Fisher Renew was a Roosevelt Island Smash

Eileen Fisher Renew, an event brought to Roosevelt Island by the Carter Burden Network, was a smash hit. Asked about the results, CBN director Lisa Fernandez told The Daily that only three pair of shoes and one pair of pants were not claimed – out of 1,000 pieces.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Eileen Fisher Renew on Roosevelt Island

Eileen Fisher Renew Event, November 2021.
Lucky shoppers walked away with nearly a thousand pieces designed by Eileen Fisher and later refreshed like new. Photo courtesy of Sharon Zeisel.

Eileen Fisher Renew, as we reported on the eve of the event, is part of a strategy that not only benefits communities but also supports the environment.

So, while Roosevelt Island instantly became more stylish, avoiding unnecessary waste added to the success.

“It went really well,” Fernandez said.  “I noticed lots of congeniality, encouraging, helpful, friendly interactions.”

“Also, an incredible, hardworking, dedicated  group of volunteers sorting and helping people with selections. An overall good atmosphere,” she added.

Then, she lifted spirits higher: “We hope to repeat in the spring.”

“The energy was so great in there, and it’s obvious that it all has much to do with who you are,” Sharon Zeisel chipped in. Zeisel teaches jewelry making classes at the CBN/RI Senior Center. She volunteered as a helper on Saturday and brought a friend along.

As soon as we learn more about a return event in the spring, we will let our readers know.

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