Urgent Care, Amalgamated Bank Never Left… Source: RIOC’s Website

Urgent Care, Amalgamated Bank Never Left… Source: RIOC’s Website

Whatever it’s supposed to be in the real world, RIOC’s website is sweetened with pleasures of times past. Amalgamated Bank still thrives, and Roosevelt Island Urgent Care awaits your visit. The state only pulls $25 million plus annually from Roosevelt Islanders’ pockets, but it’s not enough… to update important features in over five years.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Check out this Island Contacts list from the RIOC website, but do it fast. The deep thinkers overseeing state operations will swirl in shortly after reading this and either delete or fix it.

Delete is more likely because fixing it requires effort, and that’s anathema at Blackwell House.

There are other lost treasures like The Music Play Station, where MSTDA now holds classes, and retired Dr. Katherine Grimm who RIOC thinks still tucks in under Rivercross.

RIOC saw this sign, over two years ago, but apparently did not believe it.

What’s missing is worse, though, as RIOC can’t find Granny Annie’s, which fought so hard during the pandemic and survived.

And ME, the new Mediterranean eatery, and the Mexican Restaurant at 503 Main are similarly ghosted.

The Sanctuary? Nah. Never happened.

But RIOC’s Website Has Even Worse. Really.

You really can’t blame them. In a way. Because what RIOC left without updating in their photo galleries for five years and more is better than what we have now.

My personal favorite is Southpoint Park with a carousel of nine photos, all of them taken long before they devasted the shorelines, replacing wild growth with the Shelton J. Haynes/Langan Rock Farm.

And while rich in views of Strecker Lab, the park’s most popular sites, The Smallpox Hospital and the Wildlife Freedom Foundation animal sanctuary, go unnoticed.

Runner Up: The Cornell Tech Slideshow features just two buildings, still under construction, on a cloudy winter day. It’s grim, out-of-date and inexcusable.

And, of course, you can’t really bitch about their ignoring the world-class Girl Puzzle in Lighthouse Park… because it’s really just “…a lovely fishing and barbecue destination.”


Maybe it’s too much to expect for our $25 million annual investment in RIOC’s flakey operations. Maybe asking them to promote the Island’s features and businesses is too much for the Haynes administration.

Too tall an order for the $226,000/yr chief executive and his $150,000/yr. communications chief.

On the other hand, why should Roosevelt Islanders pay so much and get so much less than you’d see from a strapped but conscientious nonprofit anywhere else in town?

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