Come for the Cherry Blossoms, Stay for the Park

For many Roosevelt Island visitors, cherry blossoms are the draw. But FDR Four Freedoms State Park causes them to linger amid the thoughtfully sculpted serenity.

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Work Is Underway in Four Freedoms State Park Accessibility Makeover

Groundbreaking for the Four Freedoms Park accessibility makeover finally kicked in after dodging late winter weather delays. Crews are now racing to meet a summer deadline for reopening.

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Is it still winter? Maybe not in Southpoint and FDR Four Freedoms State Park

The calendar says it’s a week away, but it looked closer, much closer, in Four Freedoms Park. Visitors strolled through Southpoint to enter in a steady stream.

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FDR Four Freedoms State Park Now Opens Its Arms Ever Wider

Four Freedoms State Park opens its arms wider, starting today. Already heralded as New York City’s most serene retreat, the park extends itself to visitors previously unable to enjoy its pleasures in full. A project begins today.

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Winter, Four Freedoms State Park, On the Cusp of Change

Four Freedoms State Park is on the cusp of change, upgrading accessibility as reopening for activities is on the horizon. As I worked on the story, I decided to share a before image, my favorite view from yesterday.

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