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For Four Freedoms Park, A Summer Never Forgotten, 2020


This year, the Four Freedoms Park summer celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. But there’s even more to enjoy with women winning the right to vote.

A photo essay by David Stone

A hundred years later, it’s mind-boggling that half the population fought for decades before winning the right to vote. But in truth, that forced a sharp change in direction after millennia of discrimination.

Posing 19th Amendment Staircase, Four Freedoms Park
Visitors pose on the 19th Amendment Staircase

Four Freedoms Park Summer 2020: 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Four Freedoms Park Conservancy joins the League of Women Voters and the New York Historical Society in this tribute.

The historic context of the park makes the perfect backdrop for a celebration of rights too long denied.

FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech, his 1941 State of the Union, is a foundation of modern democracy.

FDR Bust in Four Freedoms Park

Four Freedoms won a reputation as New York’s most serene location. A place for meditation. A home for appreciation.

Visitors walk shady paths with sweeping views, tidal waters creating a cushion between the park and the busy city.

But this summer, 2020, the park’s pleasures are enhanced by the joys of liberation. A Four Freedoms Park Summer celebration.

19th Amendment Staircase, Four Freedoms Park 2020

A community of support makes its mark.

New York’s history is America’s history.

Families freer to love in peace and equality.

The baseline of freedom carved in stone.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the charge that saved America from tyranny. Without the fighting spirit of the New Deal and World War II, the 19th Amendment would be a footnote in world history.

NYC Skyline from Four Freedoms Park

Powering appreciation and imagination with visions of the modern world.

Past meets future in graceful serenity.

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