CBN Older Adults Surprise with Sweet Roosevelt Island Art


It was, in its own right, the very best of Roosevelt Island art. In a time fraught with anxiety and stress, CBN‘s older adult artists delivered color and spirit to Gallery RIVAA. It was as much surprise as delight.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

It was unexpected. Past experience showed us that art classes for older adults produce pleasing results, good for artists and art lovers. But there was something different about this show.

For the first time, the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island artist showed their work to a larger public audience at Gallery RIVAA.

A gift that gave more, the artwork gave the artist a chance to engage with art lovers.

Credit where credit is due, the exhibit arrives from an ongoing program of the Roosevelt Island Carter Burden Adult Center, led by John Mendelsohn. Mendelsohn quickened the creative juices of the artists in a positive way.

Optimism and love of life covered the gallery walls.

From the delicately composed to the artfully overt, the high notes were joyful

Roosevelt Island Art, Senior Style

CBN’s older adult artists bring the community a gift you can enjoy throughout November. You may have missed the opening, but the artwork still waits for you.

Come to 527 Main Street and feel the uplift that swelled in the opening night gathering.

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