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Reduced Fare OMNY Is Here, But Of Course, Not for the Tram


Reduced fare OMNY is available now. Following are the simple steps you must take to activate your debit/credit card or digital wallet. Now, if we can only get it for the Tram…

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily

The Roosevelt Island Daily thanks Sylvan Klein for the “heads up.”

Reduce Fare OMNY According to the MTA

You can now put your Reduced-Fare benefit on your contactless credit or debit card or smart device at any time, from anywhere, using our online Digital Assistant. It is as easy as 1-2-3: go to to create an OMNY account, open the Assistant and enter your Reduced-Fare program info, and enter your payment info. 

You will need your Reduced-Fare MetroCard number handy along with the bank card number that will carry your Reduced-Fare benefit. Once you link your contactless debit/credit card or digital wallet, you will receive a success message and can begin tapping your selected payment method right away. 

You can watch a video demonstration of how to switch here, or call the OMMY call center at 877-789-6669 (8:00 AM-5:00 PM EST any day of the week) for help.

Easy peasy.

Save right now, if you qualify for reduced fare OMNY.

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