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Our Dogs’ Opinions: Do They Think We’re Better Than We Really Are?


Are our Dogs’ opinions about us accurate? They’re often called man’s best friend and for good reason.

They provide us with companionship, love and security. But what do dogs really think of us? Do they see us as valiant protectors and providers we believe we are? Or do they think we’re flawed beings that make too many mistakes?

by David Stone

The Benefits of Having a Dog

The verdict is in, and according to a recent study, dogs do indeed think we’re better than we really are.

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In the study, dogs looked at two different sets of photos — one set featured pictures of their owners, while the other set featured pictures of strangers. The dogs then choose which picture they wanted to fetch.

The results showed that the vast majority of dogs chose their owner’s picture over the stranger’s picture, even when the stranger was offering a treat! 

Interestingly enough, dogs seem to think we’re better than we really are. Studies show that dogs are more likely to give their owners the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making mistakes.

For example, if an owner accidentally steps on their dog’s tail, the dog is more likely to forgive them and move on than if another animal did the same thing.

Dogs also seem to think that we’re more intelligent than we actually are. This is likely because they’ve evolved to rely on us for food, shelter, and protection.

As a result, they’ve learned to read our cues and understand our language much better than other animals. So, when it comes to thinking about the capabilities of humans, dogs definitely think we’re better than we really are!

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The Evolution of Dogs

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, and their evolution has led them to become incredibly attuned to humans. In fact, some scientists believe that dogs are capable of reading our emotional states and understanding some of the things we say. This is likely because they’ve needed to in order to survive.

While wolves — the ancestors of modern-day dogs — are certainly intelligent animals, they don’t have the same close relationship with humans that dogs do. This is because they haven’t had to rely on humans for food, shelter, and protection like dogs have.

As a result, they haven’t needed to learn how to read our cues and understand our language in the same way.

The takeaway from all this is that dogs have evolved to think that we’re better than we really are because they’ve had to rely on us for survival. This close relationship has led them to develop an incredible level of intelligence regarding understanding us humans.

Of course, this isn’t to say that dogs don’t see the negative aspects of our personality — they just tend to overlook them. Dogs are forgiving by nature, and they’re more interested in the things that make us good people than the things that make us flawed.

In their eyes, we’re always the best version of ourselves, even when we don’t feel like it.

Conclusion: In Our Dogs’ Opinions

It’s no wonder that we love dogs so much — they make us feel good about ourselves in a way that few other creatures can.

They see the best in us and remind us of what’s truly important: being kind, caring, and loving.

Next time you look into your dog’s eyes and see admiration and adoration staring back at you, remember that they’re not just seeing what they want to see — they’re seeing the very best of you.

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