MSTDA Tendril of Talents Now Growing On Main Street


Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance’s (MSTDA) tendril of talents, a mix of theatre, song and dance, now takes a bow on Main Street. It absorbs and grows Music & Play Station at 507 Main after four successful years.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

Bridget and Owen Johnston decided on decamping for California. Shops on Main saw a fit for MSTDA, and so did executive director Kristi Towey.

“We have been working with Owen and Bridget the past few months on this transition, and we will miss them greatly. We appreciate all their support in helping to make this happen,” Towey told The Daily

In 2017, rehearsing the Christmas Spectacular on MSTDA’s stage in the Cultural Center

MSTDA on Main Street preserves local culture

MSTDA will not so much replace Music & Play Station as absorb it.

“Our classes for toddlers and students from age 5 and under,” MSTDA said, will move to 507 Main Street.

“Our aim is to be the bridge to the young children and families who loved taking classes with Owen and Bridget by offering music, drama and dance for ages 5 and under.”

“We are expanding to include music classes for young children and private music lessons with music professionals,” Towey adds. 

Good news for Shops on Main

Hudson-Related’s Shops on Main gets a boost too, maintaining the current balance of active storefronts.

While retaining its thriving school in the Cultural Center, MSTDA on Main Street aids the community. Without its versatility and foundational strength, no such move was possible.

MSTDA raises funds by holding classes for all ages, from performance ticket sales and generous RIOC support. RIOC fosters nonprofits with annual public-purpose grants

Watch for more later this week. We’ll look into the threads of MSTDA’s growth on Main Street and it informs community culture.

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