Under Pressure, RIOC Hauls Out Protective Fencing at Tram


Yesterday, we reported on gross negligence of public safety during construction at the Roosevelt Island Tram Plaza. By afternoon, RIOC reluctantly corrected some of it after elected officials apparently intervened.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

In street clothes and without help from officers under his command, Public Safety Deputy Chief Anthony Amaroso lugs spare construction fencing up the North Loop Road. When asked, he brusquely confirmed that he was creating safe passage for pedestrians where construction work eliminated the sidewalk. One couple put it to use immediately.

Ultimately, you’d prefer to see public safety acting on behalf of residents and visitors in awareness and consideration. But that’s not the RIOC we know these days.

After our report, calls and other contacts were made to City Council Member Julie Menin and State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright. Both are known for taking action when complaints hit their offices.

We don’t know which official rang up RIOC and got them moving, but by early afternoon, Deputy Chief Amaroso was in action, creating a safety zone for foot traffic at the site.

Public Safety Matters

Public safety is an important focus for local governments because it is essential for protecting the lives and property of residents.

Local governments are responsible for ensuring that police and fire departments are properly staffed and equipped, and that they have the resources they need to respond to emergencies.

They also work to ensure that public facilities such as schools and parks are safe and secure. In addition, local governments often partner with private security companies to provide additional security for public events and gatherings.

By working to improve public safety, local governments can help make their communities safer and more enjoyable places to live.

Public Safety Is Still Incomplete

Although the protective pedestrian barrier is appreciated, potentially greater danger still hangs overhead where heavy equipment is in use. The Historical Society’s Visitor Kiosk remains closed out of safety concerns.

All over New York, when aerial construction goes on overhead, pedestrians and others are protected by construction sheds. But not on Roosevelt Island. Under RIOC leader Shelton J. Haynes and PSD Chief Kevin Brown, the motto “Safety is Second” describes the general rule.

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