Public Safety Recklessness Hits a New Low with RIOC


RIOC’s bungling in its handling of current Tram update issues has already been reported. Notices are sent out late, barely readable on Twitter, and while woefully incomplete, they get repeated in spam email blasts ad infinitum. But the current lack of regard for public safety is simply shocking. Long a clown show, RIOC now shambles along in search of any kind of responsible leadership.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

All photos courtesy of Judith Berdy, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS)

Although not the most egregious of RIOC’s public safety failures, construction at the Tram site forces pedestrians to walk in the road. There are no signs or protective barriers.

“PSD just ignores all the basic safety precautions,” said Judith Berdy, president of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society. Her group shut down operations because of unsupervised recklessness with equipment at the site.

“I am so frustrated from the lack of anyone who cares,” she added.

Where are our elected officials? Where is NYPD? Where is NYPD?

The larger question is why RIOC, an agency overseen from Albany by Governor Kathy Hochul’s operatives, repeatedly gets a pass on behavior never before acceptable here.

Yesterday, the company working on the Tram update left this unattended equipment dangling over the Visitor Center, forcing it to close until further notice. Although RIOC President Shelton J. Haynes appeared at the site, his minimal influence or even awareness was evident.

“We have closed the kiosk due to OVERHEAD CONSTRUCTION, until we consider it safe to re-open,” Berdy said.

“We have never been told by RIOC about the construction and have to move for the safety of our staff and visitors.”

Last Word on RIOC and Public Safety

Today is the 45th anniversary of my moving to Roosevelt Island (0n 7/7/77) and I have never been so distressed as to the complete lack of any kind of administration and staffing of the island. We are being left to our own devices by a group of persons who are absent  and ignoring their responsibility  to the thousands who live and work here. 

How sad!!!!

Judith Berdy

Also from the Roosevelt Island Daily News

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