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A Candidate Forum Announced for the Red Hot 12th District


Redistricting forced Democratic congressional representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerome Nadler into a fight for the same seat. Challenger Suraj Patel, who narrowly missed beating Maloney two years ago, also joins the fight along with Ashmi Sheth in the 12th Congressional District, which includes Roosevelt Island. Helping voters sort out their choices, The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center at 10 East 66th Street will host a Candidate Forum on August 10th.

The Daily thanks our reader Sylvan Klein for giving us a heads up on this event.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Suraj Patel at the Roosevelt Island Senior Center
Carolyn Maloney (Center in white) at the opening of the Hope Memorial, last year.
Jerry Nadler, whose former district bordered the 12th.

Our apologies. We don’t have a photo of fourth candidate Ashmi Sheth.

The event is free, but to set aside your space, you’re advised to get tickets here.

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