The Most Spiritual Places to Visit in New York City

The Most Spiritual Places to Visit in New York City

When it comes to spirituality, there’s no place like New York City. From ancient cathedrals to modern-day temples, the city is packed with sacred sites that are perfect for worship, contemplation, and reflection. Here are some of the most spiritual places to visit in New York City.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

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What are the most spiritual places in New York City?

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine:

This grand Gothic cathedral is the largest in the world. At 600 feet high, it could fit the Statue of Liberty inside. Unlike St. Patrick’s on 5th Avenue, it’s off the beaten path for tourists and is a more community-oriented location. Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the cathedral is open to visitors daily for Mass, prayer, and meditation.

The Temple of Dendur:

This ancient Egyptian temple was built over 2,000 years ago and is now housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Visitors can explore the temple’s hieroglyphics, statues, and reliefs, and learn about its fascinating history.

The Brooklyn Buddhist Association:

This Tibetan Buddhist temple in Brooklyn is a peaceful oasis for meditation, study, and prayer. Visitors are welcome to join in on the temple’s many events and classes, or simply take a moment to relax in the tranquil surroundings.

The Maha Bodhi Society:

This Buddhist temple in Harlem is dedicated to the teaching of peace and compassion. Visitors can learn about the history and philosophy of Buddhism, or participate in meditation and prayer sessions.

The Rubin Museum of Art:

Another place in New York City that is considered very spiritual. It is dedicated to the study and understanding of Tibetan culture and art.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park

Four Freedoms Park, at the southern tip of Roosevelt Island is considered by many the most serene location in the five boroughs. Isolated between channels of the East River, it honors FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech, establishing the basic human freedoms – the freedoms of speech, worship, from want, and from fear. 

The New York City Fire Museum:

You might not immediately think of this as a very spiritual place, but it is dedicated to honoring the bravery of firefighters and their commitment to saving lives. Nothing is more sacred than risking your life to save others.

The Stonewall National Monument:

The monument commemorates the Stonewall Riots, which were a series of protests by the LGBTQ community that took place in 1969. Spirits buried in sexual repression were released from virtual bondage by the movement the riots inspired.

The High Line:

Now a park, the High Line is a spiritual place for many in New York City. It resurrects and enhances an historic slice of the city’s past. It is an elevated park that was built on an old railway line.

It offers stunning views of the city and is a great place to reflect on the beauty of nature. In the 1990s, it was so dead and dilapidated that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani wanted it torn down. But Rudy was wrong about that too. It spurred a rebirth for more than 20 blocks with new buildings and new residents moving in.

Conclusion: The most spiritual places in New York City

There are many other spiritual places to visit in New York City, but these are just a few of the most notable. Whether you’re looking for a place to worship or simply seeking a moment of peace, you’re sure to find it in one of these sacred spaces.

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