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What Spiritual Gifts Do I Have? Finding Out For Yourself


Everyone has a spiritual gift, but it can be difficult to discover yours. We all have unique gifts and talents that set us apart from the rest of the world. Recognizing yours so you can make the most of them makes for a happy life. Here are some tips on figuring out what your spiritual gifts are.

by David Stone

Take a Long Look at Yourself

The best way to discover your spiritual gift is to take a hard look at yourself. Think about who you are as a person and what makes you unique.

What kind of things comes naturally to you that other people struggle with? What do you do best? Are there things that make you feel particularly energized or fulfilled?

Identifying these qualities can help you gain insight into your spiritual gifts.

Seek Guidance From Others

Another great way to uncover your spiritual gifts is by asking those closest to you for feedback.

It’s always a journey.

Ask friends and family members for their honest opinion about your strengths and talents.

Pay attention to compliments, especially if they mention something multiple times—that could be an indication of a particular spiritual gift that stands out in their eyes.

Also, if there’s someone in your life who really inspires or motivates you, consider asking that person for advice on how they found their own spiritual gifts.

Create an Environment That Inspires You

Creating a positive environment can open up many doors when it comes to uncovering your spiritual gifts—so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Take some time away from everyday life and go somewhere peaceful where you can meditate, pray, or just relax and clear your mind. This allows you the a chance to explore different aspects of yourself without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by external distractions.

Once you create this space for yourself, the answers may start coming more easily.


Uncovering your spiritual gift isn’t always easy—but it’s worth taking the time to find out what sets you apart from everyone else.

Taking a long look at yourself, seeking advice from others, and creating an environment that allows for reflection are all great ways to begin discovering what makes you special and harnessing those abilities in meaningful ways.

Don’t hesitate—start exploring today.

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