RIOC finally updates on the AVAC, and it’s good news…


When RIOC updates on the AVAC, it’s always a little confusing and incomplete. But this time, it’s also mostly good news.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Updates on the AVAC

May we have seen the last of this view along Main Street?

“Please be advised that maintenance work alongside the east side of the AVAC system is now complete. Normal operations will resume tomorrow,” RIOC posted in an advisory. (No, we don’t know why “side” and “of” are connected by a hyphen.)

That’s good news, but puzzling. What exactly is “the east side-of the AVAC system?” And what maintenance? What was wrong? Our best guess – Southtown and Roosevelt Landings will be back to normal today, but we’re not 100% sure. RIOC’s not giving us any help here; so, we will watch and see. The disappearance of all those piles of black garbage bags may brighten Thanksgiving.

Whatever happened to that bed frame that got blamed for everything? Angry residents condemned whatever fool or fools who stuffed it down a chute. But there’s never been any evidence that story was true, and now it looks like a thing of legend. Like Babe the Blue Ox.

The remaining updates on the AVAC are less clear.

Why Can’t They Just Say Rivercross?

“…the west side line of the AVAC system is partially complete but still in need of repairs near buildings 505 and 531 Main Street. This zone is clogged with solid and liquid material that requires RIOC engage a third party to remove.  Once the waste is cleared, certain upgrades to the system will be necessary to prevent future clogging in this area.”

Here’s a tip to help the outsiders: 505 and 531 Main are not “buildings.” They are both Rivercross.

In any case, the clogged zone is news to most of us, six months down the road, but not so much for Rivercross residents. RIOC’s communicated in detail with the Tenants Corp. there for some time, just not with the rest of us.

In any case, assuming our translation of RIOC-speak is on the money, we can assume all buildings back at full AVAC service today, except Rivercross. But we’re not promising anything.

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