Four Roosevelt Islanders Honored As “Women of Distinction”

Four Roosevelt Islanders Honored As “Women of Distinction”

This week, New York State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright honored four Roosevelt Islanders as “Women of Distinction.” The annual awards take place during women’s history month.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

“We celebrate women today who are exemplary change-makers and
influencers and the pioneers of the past upon whose shoulders we stand,”
Assembly Member Seawright said in a press release.

Rebecca Seawright, Women of Distinction
Photo courtesy of State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright

“They all inspire us to resist and keep up the
fight. To the Women of Distinction, we say congratulations! You are an
enduring inspiration to our entire community, our beloved city, and our great
state of New York!”

Because the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic shut down the ceremony for 2020, Seawright included last year’s honorees as well. She session took place on Zoom and shown live on Facebook.

Roosevelt Island Women of Distinction 2020-21

As noted in Assembly Member Seawright’s press release…

Aiesha Eleusizov is the Manhattan Association Chair for Girl Scouts of Greater
New York and a troop leader for Troop 3001 and Troop 3244. Over the past
eight years, Aiesha, with co-leader Yitza Martinez and the girls of their troops,
have spent countless hours making Roosevelt Island a better place. In her
professional life, Aiesha is a Senior Program Officer in education leadership at
The Wallace Foundation, where she works to foster equity and improvements
in learning and enrichment for young people.

Dr. Katherine Teets Grimm is a physician who specializes in pediatrics and child
abuse. In addition to her private practice on Roosevelt Island, she serves as a
child abuse pediatrician for the Mount Sinai Medical System and the New York
Center for Children.

Editors Note: Dr. Grimm as served with distinction on the board of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp., one of the first appointed after a public vote.

Andrea Jackson is a talent management and acquisition professional. In our
community on Roosevelt Island, she is the Vice President of the Roosevelt
Island Senior Association.

Bobbie Slonevsky is vice president of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society
and writes and edits the digital publication, which is now in its sixth year. She
has unearthed and developed dozens of previously overlooked topics of
Roosevelt Island’s history. She hopes to expand their reach by compiling them
into a widely available book of “Roosevelt Island Vignettes.”

Honors for Jackson and Slonevsky were delayed from 2020 but no less significant.

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