How a “green energy hub” may connect LIC and Roosevelt Island with a new walking bridge

How a “green energy hub” may connect LIC and Roosevelt Island with a new walking bridge

A new walking bridge will connect Roosevelt Island with Long Island City, if plans work out. A “green energy hub” links up with a pedestrians only bridge.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

A proposed “RlverLInC Greenway crosses the East River and connects to the south end of Cornell Tech’s campus.

A report in the LIC Post explains how a green energy hub, part of a larger project, includes a “non-vehicular greenway” linking Anable Basin with the Cornell Tech campus.

If built, the project would allow visitors to walk to and from Long Island City, Southpoint Park and the school.

the new walking bridge connects near this location.
The non-vehicular greenway would bring strollers to Southpoint Park here or, across the Loop Road, to Cornell Tech. Visitors and residents could also board free RIOC red buses for travel anywhere on the Island.

The new walking bridge is part of a 1.2 million square foot mixed use project. The green energy hub, hitched over to Roosevelt Island will provide energy to Queensbridge Houses and local businesses.

The ill-fated Amazon campus planned making a home here, but if the project wins approval, it will not go to waste.

The power generator will use East River currents, solar and geothermal energy.

If developers reach all needed agreements, the project starts in about one year.

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