RIOC will finally clean up filth at the Motorgate Atrium

RIOC will finally clean up filth at the Motorgate Atrium

The Motorgate Atrium greets residents and visitors alike with caked on filth and has for years. But according to yesterday’s email blast, even RIOC has finally had enough of it.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

A Motorgate Atrium Cleanup

Caked in filth for years, the Motorgate Atrium will finally get a scrub.

RIOC’s Announcement

“Please be advised, RIOC will begin interior and exterior power washing at the Motorgate Atrium and the Helix area beginning the week of 4/25/22.  All public areas will be cordoned off and protection will be installed at the interior entrances within the garage.  Elevator access to the garage will be maintained at all times.  Directional signs will be posted within the Atrium to guide access to the elevators.  The anticipated duration of this project is two months.”

Better late than never, and there is no explanation as to why it requires two weeks – maybe extensive work or extreme build up of grime. But will it be extensive enough?

Lackadaisical abuse of the helix area is also a years-long curse:

The helix’s underbelly.

Neglect of the helix area is stark, especially as it contrasts against Capobianco Field and the modern towers of Manhattan Park. RIOC’s allowed it to become a resting place for construction junk and free parking for unused, rusting containers.

Will the clean up be as extensive as it needs to be? Since RIOC is bunkered under Governor Hochul’s protection, we’ll know only when it’s done. Fingers crossed.

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3 thoughts on “RIOC will finally clean up filth at the Motorgate Atrium

  1. Finally , RIOC Will Clean Inside & Outside ” MOTORGATE ” But There Is An Even More Serious Issue. The Caucasian Homeless Man That Refuses To Remove Himself From Sleeping Inside ” MOTORGATE “. Public Safety Has Told Him Numerous Times, He Can NOT Stay There And He Was Rude & Cursed At Them When They Were Only Trying To Find Shelter For Him. On My Way To Work One Morning, The Homeless Man Was Passed Out On The 5th Floor With A Can Of Beer In His Right Hand. He Was Removed And Now He Is Back Again! Why Are There Benches Inside ” MOTORGATE”? The Benches Have Become A Magnet For Him To Sleep There Or He Sleeps On The Steps. He Yelled At ” PSD ” You Can Not Force Me To Go Into A Shelter !!!! Okay , So What About The Hospital Where He Can Clean Himself Up And Try And Get His Life Together ???

    1. Until the city does what every mayor promises and actually handles the homelessness problems, some of it will leak over to Roosevelt Island. It got a big boost here when the MTA shut down overnight trains during the pandemic. They had to go somewhere, and they discovered Roosevelt Island. Every person has a right to shelter, and we waste tax dollars on far less vital goals. You can just imagine how horrible city shelters must be that anyone would prefer sleeping in Motorgate. I don’t know any solution, but isn’t this what we elect people to handle?

      Thanks for your comment. I hope someone in city government was listening.

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