Lighthouse Park Expansion Left to Rubble, Debris and History

The Lighthouse Park Expansion, facilitated by a deal Susan Rosenthal, then RIOC‘s leader, cut with the city deteriorates in the autumn sun. It’s three years

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Memorial Day, Uniquely Beautiful in Lighthouse Park

Upgraded over the past year, Lighthouse Park showed off its upgrades in a Memorial Day display. Historian Judith Berdy photographed some images and shared them

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The Girl Puzzle Solved with Passion and Caring

Billed as a ribbon-cutting, The Girl Puzzle event was more about joining and sharing. An enthusiastic crowd heard speakers, all passionate, some funny, but the

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Nellie Bly: The Girl Puzzle Is Done In Lighthouse Park

The Girl Puzzle, a complex, expressive installation by sculptor Amanda Matthews is done, awaiting its ribbon-cutting. But as you can see from the photo, its

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