YRB’s Jonn Nubian scores a House of Cardin Interview

Another win for YRB Magazine

In his House of Cardin interview, Jonn Nubian, adds a Pierre Cardin feature to his list of wins. Nubian’s YRB‘s Executive Editor and a prolific interviewer. He brings the designer home to New York. Figuratively.

Jonn Nubian House of Cardin Inteview
YRB Executive Editor Jonn Nubian (L) poses with his interview subjects for his House of Cardin feature.

In the past six months, our friend Jonn Nubian shared insightful conversations with the likes of Baddest Bitch Sophia Chang, artist Kadir Nelson and Wu Tang Clan. His access is wide, his style engaging.

Unlike others, Nubian knows he’s not the topic bringing readers to the page.

In his report, Nubian steps back, letting his vibrant subjects fly free.

Earlier this year, directors P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes introduced the movie at the Venice International Film Festival. They joined the legendary designer’s nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin, for the chat.

It didn’t take much.

Nubian asked, “Why did you decide to do this project after your last film MANSFIELD 66/67?”

And they were off and running.

Nubian listens as House of Cardin filmmakers talk…

With dash and flair befitting the subject of their film, they talk about serendipitous meetings and the surprisingly wide range of celebrities who’ve inspired everything from cars to men’s suits.

Catch the rest of the YRB interview here.

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