Could Abraham-Hicks have killed Ari? Here is her story.

Could Abraham-Hicks have killed Ari? Here is her story.

It’s a hard conclusion to avoid.

Read transcripts from Ari’s threads on the forum, and it’s striking how often those reacting to her battle depression themselves. They describe their own struggles and what they have done to escape the disease.

They read like the repetitious ramblings of cult followers who aren’t able to think or express themselves freely.

Some report screaming in pain at the teachings before reaching the conclusion that it was all their own fault. This gave them the illusion of control and helped them feel better.

Abraham-Hicks, Suicide And The Death Of Ari

A year and a half after joining and participating in forum discussions, talking about her own illness and encouraging others, Ari wrote this:

“The first time I heard Abraham was their intro cd and I sat in my car and cried. Up until then, I honestly believed I was not supposed to be here…not alive in this world. I was suicidal for most of my life and that is a very painful way to live. I simply could not reconcile all that had happened to me and the belief there was any such thing as a merciful God.

“When I started to understand that I created what had happened, (even though at the time that seemed a harsh explanation), it gave me such unbelievable relief.”

Ari on the Abe Forum

Five months later, unable to defeat her demons through all the exercises encouraged by Abraham-Hicks and its paid staff, listening to hundreds of hours of Esther Hicks translating the wisdom of Abraham from “blocks of thought, reinforced about her failures while she “created what had happened,” Ari killed herself.

The response from the Abe forum was instructive.

Possible Evidence: Did Abraham-Hicks Kill Ari?

But before ending her own life, still supporting others suffering from depression, Ari addressed a friend on the forum:

“Dearest beautiful Jacqueline,

“I’ve written many posts on depression and many of them while I was in the deepest darkest holes of despair.

“My only way out has been to embrace the depression. I would do only what I had to do and at times it got scary. I couldn’t even listen to Abe then and usually would fight whatever advice I got. And that was because I had lost myself.

“So soon…I’d get pissed. Like my IB would say…ok I’m here and we are going to rise again! And I’d get angry at EVERYTHING.

“Soon, I’d feel stronger and soon I’d find myself laughing at some sick joke or playing with my dog.

“Then I’d get back on the forum and soon I’d figure out that some stupid old belief was really nagging at me. Like I’d never seen it this clearly. And I’d release it!

“It seemed that everytime (since knowing Abe) I’d come out of the depressions much further DOWNSTREAM! They have been like one Aber put it…very bumpy shortcuts to where I want to go…thru the ghetto, glass on the streets, muddy ruts and finally… OZ.”

Two weeks later, Ari was dead.

Did Abraham-Hicks Kill Ari…?

How Responsible Was Abraham-Hicks For Ari’s Death?

On the forum, action to erase Ari was swift.

For over a year and a half, she initiated or joined in discussions. She was among the forum’s most active members, but shortly after learning of her suicide, Forum moderators reduced her status. Now, she was a “guest,” as if she’d never registered as a member.

This erased her from name searches, obliterated her “lovely” icon (taken from one of her own paintings) and deleted both the date of her joining the forum and the number of her posts.

Okay, a deceased person may no longer be “active,” privacy concerns and all that, but other actions suggested a more sinister motive.

Aggressive erasures

A moderator deleted a post alerting forum members, many of whom knew and interacted with her, of her death, almost immediately.

“Super Moderator” Jody told one member that any discussion involving Ari’s death would be “inappropriate,” even a simple notification.

After months and thousands of words on the forum, Ari was left dangling like a ghost on the threads. What might have been a teaching moment was sacrificed to protect the teachings of Abraham-Hicks from skepticism.

Two years later, these same teachings failed Jerry Hicks as he aged and died from leukemia, another death Abraham-Hicks, led by Esther, scrambled to cover up.

The Teachings Of Abraham On Death

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20 thoughts on “Could Abraham-Hicks have killed Ari? Here is her story.

  1. The idea is inspired thought – acting based on focused planning leading up to action.
    It’s definitely NOT just sit around and think about what sticks and magically they’ll appear. By having positive thoughts you move yourself closer to the end result like a game of chess.
    I’m not brainwashed, I know a couple people into Abraham-Hicks and they are successful, happy people. They’re also intelligent and very hard working. You get out what you put in in life – always.

    1. That’s mostly right, but you need to include feeling. Thought alone is relatively sterile. Anyway, thanks for your thought, but what’s your opinion on the core issue? How do you feel about A-H’s responsibility here?

  2. We have a family member who just this month fell off a cruise ship. We think that the AHers were some how involved. Getting little info and announcing of her at all. Very suspicious and alarming to me.

    1. A_H followers are into groupthink. In other words, all you need to do is appear to agree without thinking much about it as a minimum. Because of this low bar, all sorts of types, from gentle and loving to malicious, are accepted. I’ve seen a spectacularly wide range. So, sure, your suspicions may be right on, but in fairness, I should add that anything like that would be far from the minds of most of Esther’s followers. But it really only takes one, right?

  3. I’ve studied spiritual growth teachings for years and this one just puts off a yucky, uncomfortable vibe. My intuition is always right on with teachers (for myself) and this one was a big, fat NO!!!!

    1. I get that. It was better at one time, but that’s the exception that proves the rule. Genuine guidance and truth are not variable. I admit I don’t waste time on Esther anymore. It just comes off as blather, a waste of time, but if some can start the journey this way, as I did, I’m all in favor.

  4. I’d like to be genteel about this but I just cannot. I live in Oceanside near Carlsbad, not very far from where she lives, and I grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with the wealthiest, and the behavior of these people has always made me want to go postal. Even after having become a deeply spiritual person – no, in light of that, the lack of empathy and consideration for others that they display regularly as a natural way of things only deepens my conviction that the direction the wealth and wealthiest have taken in this country is going to require direct and less than genteel action from every one of us to create positive change – and change positively it MUST. But I digress, after reading this article, I TRULY feel that someone should march over to her Del Mar home and shoot her in the head and then carefully lay a sticker OVER the bullet hole that says “I did this to myself, and don’t worry about it – I’ve gone to a place my soul wanted to experience now – erase my existence from your minds”. Something about her has always bothered me, and after a little reading, she only bother me more,only now I know the source of that discomfort – she is a charlatan, when there ARE people in contact with entities like she describes abraham, but none of them imply any of the absurd things she so proudly eschews. bleh.

  5. What a bizarre comment .You sound homicidal .I’ve taken a screenshot of your comment .I will send it to the relevant authorities just in case something should happen .You sound very bitter and cheated out of “something”.

    1. Luis, you seem to be unclear on the concept of free speech, and your threat is contrary to Abraham’s so-called teachings. You might want to study up on your hero, but I can understand why you’re so defensive.

  6. Skeptics will never get it. These things usually require blind faith. Yes, they do work. I won a large amount in a lottery after visualizing for about two years. You will never get it as your brain lacks the hardware .Take care.

    1. Gee, never heard that one before, and like so many in the cult, you don’t seem to be able to stay on topic. This is not about what you believe or don’t believe. It’s actually a cautionary tale about blind faith.
      Understand this. If something’s true, it always true, and nobody has to call out blind faith as justification for clinging to it. With your theory, one can believe in anything, naziism, cannibalism, war, etc. Blind faith is not a good formula, and it’s unnecessary. Truth is right there in front of you. It’s not hiding.

  7. Yes. They are responsible. This woman is channeling demons- so of course it invites demons into your life. You get what you want at first, but then you end up wayyyyy far out. As we see Esther continuing to drift out- in time we will see more of this truth revealed. I feel sorry for Ari. God rest her soul. These ppl are vile and deceiving many- themselves included.

    1. Ari’s is one of the saddest stories, but there are likely others who were disappointed and worse when they relied on this stuff. Still plenty of true believers left though. People who lose trust in themselves make easy marks for hucksters.
      Thank you for your comment.

  8. What I find the most upsetting about the teachings of Abraham, is they are so misguided. I have meditated and lived a spiritual life for more than 30 years. Where I absolutely know from my own personal experiences in that journey that some of the things Ester Hicks spews to be true, and I continue to live by those teachings. I am so deep;y grateful that I can practice discrimination and recognize that if she is, in fact, channeling at all, those beings are not coming from the highest spiritual realm as they think they are, and in fact, are blind to that fact in the same way that we are not always aware of spiritual realities above this reality we are in now. My heart goes out to those that are taken in by Ester Hicks and the collective, and I suspect her/their karmic load will be great for the lives and growth they have crippled with her ‘sales pitch’ to those that are truly seeking guidance, support, and healing. I too was shunned from the ‘forum’ with absolutely no explanation. I suspect it had to do with my user name — Sanskari, meaning ‘seeker’. I found it off putting that the site was so closely ‘edited and governed’ and it gave me pause that Abe was so threatened by the mere hint that you may have questions you needed to satisfy. I have been so lucky to sit with true spiritual teachers, Gurus, and Masters, so I had a few questions that I was unable to ask. I have never been pushed away by a Master for having a question. Rather they are able to answer any question with humility, grace, and equanimity. So in the end my questions were answered. There is nothing genuine about Abraham Hicks and I so hope that people can take what is useful to them and leave the rest. There are a lot of people out there today that are spreading amazing messages, and they are not just trying to make a buck while exercising extreme prejudice.

    1. Some interesting observations, Paula. Esther appeals to the frightened, inexperienced and/or narcissistic. Anyone standing back sees the holes in her presentation quickly.

  9. I’m not defending the teachings or the followers. But to say someone who’s admitted to being suicidal her whole life committed suicide because of a self help teacher she’s never interacted with – it says more about you than anything else.
    Then a poster says someone should shoot Esther in the head and you don’t comment or erase it. And then you call it free speech when someone else responsibly comments on it. That right there is YOUR responsibility for sure.

    1. Let me help you out here, Fred. This article is not about Esther. It’s about the group many consider a cult, that is, Abraham-Hicks. See, it’s right in the title. And the discussion is about how members of the Abe Forum, which claims to be independent, dealt with Ari. And it did not say Ari committed suicide because of them. It was food for thought. You know what thought is, right? It’s when you don’t let your biases overrule your rationale judgment because your feeling defensive, for example. Try it sometime.
      And yes, I support free speech and opinion, even with the commenter, like yourself, is out in left field, commenting on something other than the content. I don’t censor unless there’s slander involved or actual threats. Stifling speech when you don’t like the opinion is counterproductive.
      Sorry, chief, you won’t get away with such carelessness here.

  10. I was looking for pseudosciences and I found this article, I read the Seekyt ones too. This is all a sect. And “falling into the coup” of the sect is not demerit or stupidity. If more people had information about what sects are, fewer people would fall. These Law of Attraction people and whatever-ricks are fake. Understand: religion is one thing, spirituality is another, belief is another, and science is another. These things don’t mix. Don’t-mix. Many people are dead, poorer, more vulnerable, because this exacerbated blaming of these “teachings” destroys their minds. I am very surprised that people even believe that someone channels spirit, charges dearly in lectures, becomes a millionaire at the expense of their crying, they can believe and follow all of this. David, thank you so much for exposing this text. I had found the same in a forum, dated 2013. And now I reviewed it. I’m from Latin America and I’ve been researching this dangerous quackery. Greetings!

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