Can Pam Grout Really Verify the Law Of Attraction?

Can Pam Grout Really Verify the Law Of Attraction?

Pam Grout’s Law of Attraction tests put her claims on the line with nine, free experiments anyone can try. Will they work for you?

By David Stone

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Can A Book Change Your Life?

About E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Can Pam Grout prove she’s right about the law of attraction?

E-Squared, An Adventure In Testing Belief

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Here’s a terrific book where the author sticks her neck out and takes an open gamble with her credibility.

Pam Grout gives us nine simple experiments that either prove or disprove her claim that we create the conditions in which our lives unfold.

Each of the nine experiments in E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality begins with a detailed explanation of how and why it might work along with observations from others, expert and otherwise.

Then, she invites you to take a test that proves her right… or wrong.

Grout’s breezy, witty style never sacrifices smarts for a good line, but it makes for seductive reading. She’s especially adept at explaining complex physical theories in ways that make them easy to understand, and funny.

E-Squared is sprinkled with quotes throughout that show an appreciation for words well-turned. Pam Grout understands what it takes to say something profound with dazzling simplicity.

This book isn’t just well-written but is equally well-designed.

Nine Law of Attraction Experiments From Pam Grout

Grout doesn’t waste any time counting calories to lose weight or in prayers for happiness and well-being.

E-Squared’s mission is to show us that it’s all in our heads, our thoughts and intentions, which she characterizes as an endless series of prayers, as powerful as they are inconsistent.

We want something, but we’re not clear about it.

At the same time, we think we either can’t or won’t get what we want.

Your thoughts, complimentary and contradictory, reach an ultimate energy source that responds instantly and exactly according. Mixed results match our mixed thoughts or prayers.

Often, one thought — a wish for abundance, for instance — is nullified by another about not having it.

Grout says we should stay laser-focused on what we want and expect to get it, no ifs, buts or maybes.

Then, she lays out experiments to test it.

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E-Squared Experiment #1

Here are two I tried.

Starting simple, Grout asks us to think of an object we want to show up within a defined time frame, something exceptional.

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This experiment’s designed to show that what she calls “the FP” or you may call “God” — it doesn’t matter — will deliver as asked.

I followed her suggestion, asking to be shown green cars over the next 24 hours. How many of them are there, anyway? Not many.

I never left the house that evening or watched a show that had green cars, but starting the next morning, I saw 16 green cars in roughly 8 hours. What was more interesting to me was that about half, including the first two, were New York’s new “green cabs,” an initiative I didn’t know had started.

By contrast, in the week since, I’ve seen only two more green cabs.

The next day, I asked for yellow butterflies, a tough call in late September in New York.

When I settled down to edit some product pages that day, guess what I randomly chose? A photograph from Central Park which turned out to have a woman posing as a giant yellow butterfly.

Pam Grout Law of Attraction: E-Squared Experiment #2

Before I bought Pam Grout’s exciting book, I read a sample chapter offered by Hay House. Not only did I get a kick out of her high-energy writing style, punchy, fun and smart, but the chapter offered a simple experiment to try before buying the book. That’s confidence, taking real risks with book sales.

What I was told to ask the FP to do was to show me that It was present and willing to help. I asked for any sign that would demonstrate a presence eager to step in and give me something completely unexpected.

The next day, I had my best ever day as a writer online. (The next best day isn’t close.)

It was startling from several angles, and I did nothing special, except ask.

Oh, something I almost forgot, everywhere my wife and I went that day — to lunch, a movie, Trader Joe’s and hauling a typically huge horde of groceries — every subway we needed was pulling into the station as soon as we got to the platform, a rare set of events for New York.

And What Else…?

Pam Grout’s E-Squared has other experiments of greater seriousness and consequence. I’ll leave those for you to try for yourself after you buy the book.

You can see for yourself better than I can ever tell you.

My results in the other experiments were mostly successful and one, too personal to recall in detail, impressively so.

Try Pam Grout’s book. You won’t be disappointed.

This book is one of a kind and has the potential to be life-changing for you.

It takes guts to put out theories that many people consider crazy, but to, then, offer clearcut experiments that put her ideas on the line for proof is something else again.

No alternative writer I know has ever gone that far.

Pam Grout has a good reason — she knows what she’s talking about.

Buy this book. Try the experiments yourself. It will change you.

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