Odors That Indicate a Problem in Your Commercial Restroom

Odors That Indicate a Problem in Your Commercial Restroom


Bathrooms don’t always smell like roses, but certain stenches might actually precede more severe complications. Read on to learn the various odors that indicate a problem in your commercial restroom.

Pervasive Urine

The most common odor that occupies many commercial bathrooms is simply a reminder of past patrons—pervasive urine smells. No one wants to use an offensively fragrant lavatory to conduct their business, so custodial staff must stay on top of urine spillage. But if the urine smells just won’t go away, some urine is likely trapped within your bathroom’s building materials. For example, grout found on walls and flooring absorb spills like urine, allowing the smell-exuding bacteria to live regardless of how often you clean it with cleaning products. Instead, preventing commercial restroom odors like urine requires stronger chemicals with aromatic digesting capabilities. Industrial odor digesters are ideal for revitalizing soiled grout.

Sulfuric Stenches

Sulfuric stenches are quite concerning as they typically mean one of two things—a major sewage rupture or leaking gas. Sewage boasts a distinct rotten egg fragrance that’s incredibly offensive and pervasive. More importantly, this odor also means that bathroom patrons risk potential exposure to dangerous waste and contamination. Sometimes, however, a sulfuric stench is simply the chemical mercaptan, an additive placed in residential and commercial gas to alert occupants of a gas leak. In this situation, consider contacting a professional technician and MLP for additional building repairs and services.

“Old Basement” Smell

Many old basements feature a signature earthy smell due to years of water accumulation in the homes’ foundations. Of course, that mildewy stench is not exclusive to basements—if your commercial restroom smells musty, you probably have a mold problem. Leaky pipes, misused water fixtures, structural complications, and accidental spills are all potential causes of the old basement smell. Additionally, poor ventilation can prevent your restroom environment from fully drying out, leading to more aggressive forms of mold. Thankfully, a simple bleach solution is often enough to kill mold and reduce mildew stenches. Simply combine 1.5 cups of bleach with a gallon of water and cover all impacted surfaces to eliminate mildew patches throughout your bathroom.

Understanding the various odors that indicate a problem in your commercial restroom ensures you have the knowledge and skills to provide a clean and enjoyable environment for visitors. Furthermore, it can result in cleaner lavatories and reduced cross-contamination throughout your building and between occupants.

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