“Let’s Get Our Act Together,” Says Judith Berdy, After CB 8 Tram Talk

“Let’s Get Our Act Together,” Says Judith Berdy, After CB 8 Tram Talk

Judith Berdy, well-known as a local historian, is also as plugged into other community streams of interest as anyone. She’s frequently quoted in publications where she’s considered a reliable resource for news stories. Here, she offers her thoughts on Roosevelt Island Tram issues following a Community Board 8 discussion.

by Judith Berdy

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

After listening to our neighbors discuss the tram crowding tonight, here are my thoughts:

2nd Avenue Tram Platform in August, 2023.

Line monitors are a great idea.  We use it at elections where they keep order in the line and let seniors/disabled go ahead.  Someone in a bright vest can be an obvious choice. It can be a  diplomatic, pleasant, patient person who can gently keep order.

POMA  staff are better at customer service and putting up signs is only part of their job.  Give them funding to have more staff on hand to deal with the turnstiles. 

It is exhausting to spend a shift dealing with unruly crowds.  Let’s keep order in the line, before the turnstiles, and a limit of 100 persons on the platform.

PSD can be at the base of the staircase to prevent staircase lines.

The Tram is being denied staffing, security and customer service. RIOC should let the tram staff manage the platform and fund extra staffing.

We need large obvious signs that seats are for seniors and the disabled only. Signs above seats on cabins and above benches on the Manhattan platform.

We love our visitors most of whom tell us how great the island is.

Take a look at any of the attractions below and we know that there is organization at these attractions.

Remember, many of them stand on long organized lines for the following. 


  • EMPIRE STATE          44
  • EDGE                          36
  • TOP OF THE ROCK    34


Let’s get our act together and get a calm organized tram ride.

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