Last Chance: “Echoes From Home” at Gallery RIVAA Closes on Friday


An absorbing dive into Asian culture, Echoes From Home is a gift from the Li Tang Community. Li Tang is a New York-based community dedicated to amplifying the creative voices of the contemporary Asian diaspora. The exhibit closes on Friday after a two-week stay.

Sun Young Kang Impossibly Connected, 2022 Artist’s hair stitched on photograph, mounted on wood panel18 in × 12 in × 1 ½ in

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Established in 2020, Li Tang aims to feature the works and talents of today’s most innovative Asian practitioners working in the varied fields of art and culture.

Ami Park – Lips

Echoes of Home is a celebration featuring twenty-seven Asian artists from the Li Tang community. Through an array of paintings, photography, sculptures, and cutting-edge digital art, this exhibition unfolds a dialogue exploring the realms of identity, innovation, and unity.

Hanna Li – The Walk

Spanning from the vibrant streets of New York City to the glamorous landscapes of Los Angeles, and from the lively scenes of Atlanta to the indomitable spirit of Detroit, these artists have woven their diverse journeys into a dynamic tapestry of creativity.

Jiannan Wu Country Love: Classmate Reunion, 2020 Acrylic on resin and wood

Together, they have created a collective portrait that captures how the influence of the Asian diaspora shapes the ever-evolving contemporary art world.

Don’t miss it. Last chance, Friday, September 8th.

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