The RIOC Clown Show Bumbles & Fumbles Cover Up Attempt


We all know that RIOC can’t be shamed, but their clown show tried a new twist – attempting to make a virtue out of indifference. And cheerfully asked that community leaders help out. Another RIOC only tactic.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Although it’s clear as a spring breeze that the state agency’s response to the needs of residents during the F Train shutdown is completely inadequate, they seemed to surmise that maybe if they made it bigger and brighter, it would also be better.

Maybe they could rally support.

Just before noon today, RIOC’s Assistant Director of Operations, Jeugee Perez sent building managers this message: “We kindly ask that your teams please distribute the flyer and share the resources with your building tenants.”

Here’s the flyer:

If RIOC intended providing this service 7 days a week as this flyer implies, it would still be shameful, just not as shameful.

But this is a clown show, remember. After regurgitating the actual limited schedule via email blasts multiple times in the weeks prior, they were never going to change. Not even a little.

Even during complete subway shutdowns, like this weekend, RIOC will cover only 8 of 168 hours per week. Less than 5%. And that’s only because it costs the bloated agency nothing. All they do is redirect a single red buss from Main Street to shuttle service.

The Clown Show Is Also Hard-Hearted

Increasingly under President/CEO Shelton Haynes, RIOC cannot be shamed out of bad behavior. Operations are awash in narcissism and greed.

And, of course, being the clown show it is, they changed course less than an hour later:

“Please disregard the previously sent attachment as it didn’t include the dates and I will be sending an updated flyer with the correct information by the end of day today. Also, be advise that RIOC will be offering a free Manhattan Red Bus Shuttle on weekends ONLY from 3:00pm – 7:00pm.

“Whatta bunch of dopes!!!!” a resident observed succinctly.

Updated poster taped to concrete beneath the Tram, RIOC hardens its coldhearted indifference, but at least they’re proud of it. And yes, sigh, it still doesn’t include any dates.

RIOC isn’t even good at its most salient attribute – coldhearted indifference to resident needs. Most harmed will be older and physically challenged Roosevelt Islanders.

Tellingly, not a single Island group organized to help these groups – the Residents Association, the Disabled Association and Senior Association – even whispered in protest. The leaders of each, it should be noted, get money or value in kind from RIOC every year.

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