Vibrant Art For August. RIVAA’s New Exhibit Crosses the Spectrum


Art draws communities together on multiple levels. Vibrant art also raises energies just as a rain shower raises water levels. Spectrum, the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association’s August members exhibit puts all that together.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

There’s so much to like in this recently opened exhibit that there’s always a risk of leaving someone out, but that’s sadly unavoidable. So, I’m focusing on the works that most likely will bring feet down Main Street for all that Spectrum offers.

The Vibrant Art of Spectrum

You can’t overestimate Tony Vita’s contributions to this artists’ collective or, as it turns out, the versatility of his work.

In one corner of the gallery at 527 Main Street are a pair of works by Vita, each distinctive and connected only through their creator.

Birthday Boy is a digital celebration, mixing abstraction with figurative art. It has a grace and beauty that almost comes off the wall.

Immediately to its left is the kinetic sculpture Time Piece, inspired by perceptions. I’ll leave it at that because Vita took the trouble to explain his ideas in a description posted on the wall nearby.

Sometimes, there’s a masterpiece…

And Ioan Popoiu’s Untitled four-panel acrylic would not be his first.

Romania-born Popoiu has dazzled the gallery many times with inspirational and concept pieces. This one kicks off with a hint of Paul Klee before spilling across three panels that are signature ideas of his own.

On Gold and Silver, a carefully calibrated oil from the brush of Toshiko Kitano Groner, calls out the complexity that can get lost in simplicity. Her gentle brush strokes bring her subjects into life, not just as decorative elements, but also as vibrant art that embraces life.

Laura Hussey again claims her familiar wall space with Tatoauz, another gathering of women with something of a mystical tone.

Tatoauz (Tatoo in English) swells with Hussey’s colorful palette. It’s beautiful, drawing across time, and more than a little mysterious.

And finally, there’s Georgette Sinclair’s thrilling pastel bringing stunning beauty to Roosevelt Island’s West Promenade. You’ll see it as you’ve never seen it before and with greater appreciation.

And there you have it – five pieces you must see in person to get their full force. And they beckon you to visit their neighbors where creativity meets reality with vibrant art.

It’s up at the 527 Main Street Gallery through August. Hours: Monday and Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 6 pm – 9 pm, Thursday: 11 am – 5 pm, Friday: 6 pm – 9 pm, Saturday: 11 am – 5 pm, Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

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