Local Scene: The way we are. The Roosevelt Island Bridge


Seen from the Astoria ferry, the Roosevelt Island Bridge looks tired, but there’s this hint, this reminder of the vibrant way we were.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Hard to believe, but there was once a time when the state understood that Roosevelt Island was about the community. Back in the ’90s, we still had a red theme.

Seawall railings, the bridge, everything sported the passionate theme.

It’s all gone now, but look closely past the ugly purple or beet-colored paint they splashed on the bridge last time around. In guardrails visible in Motorgate, you see what’s left of the red.

That, if you can visualize it, is how the bridge was once colored.

It really looked great. It was us.


Roosevelt Island Bridge today. It's like the state used Visine to "Get the red out."
Roosevelt Island Bridge today. It’s like the state used Visine to “Get the red out.”

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