Menin, DSNY Set Up New Smart Composting Bins, Two on Roosevelt Island

Menin, DSNY Set Up New Smart Composting Bins, Two on Roosevelt Island

Council Member Julie Menin is delighted to announce a successful collaboration with the Department of Sanitation to bring nearly 20 state-of-the-art “Smart” composting bins to the 5th New York City Council District,” a press release said.

“This is in addition to universal curbside composting service, coming to Manhattan in October 2024.” Two of the bins – 10% of the 5th District total – find homes on Roosevelt Island.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

About the smart composting bins, Menin’s office said…

“The newly installed smart composting bins are diligently emptied on a regular basis, with the resulting food scraps thoughtfully utilized to enhance the beauty of green spaces across the city. These bins are among 150 being installed in Manhattan below 96th St, which will bring the total to 400 citywide.

Planned Manhattan locations.

“Accessible 24/7, these innovative bins can be conveniently located via the NYC Compost app, available for both iOS and Android users. To unlock the smart composting bin, you must be in reach and use the unlock button in the app. Unlike community composting sites, which may only be open a few hours each week, the Bins are available 24/7, allowing District 5 residents to use them any time that works for them.

“Designed to accept a wide range of organic materials, including food scraps, plant waste, and food-soiled paper, the smart composting bins serve as a sustainable solution for disposing of items such as meat, bones, dairy, prepared foods, and greasy, uncontaminated paper plates and pizza boxes. The organic materials can be placed in bags to minimize mess such as plastic, paper, and compostable bags. However, recyclable materials, animal waste, trash, paper packaging, and personal hygiene products are not accepted.”

As for Roosevelt Island, bin placements are at the southwest corner of West Road and Main Street and the southwest corner of Main Street and River Road. However, The Daily found that the app used for opening the bins doesn’t as yet recognize the West Road location. Now that the long holiday weekend is over, we’ll touch base with Menin’s office.

Residents can find and open the Bins with the NYC Compost app at the links below. A QR code to download the app also appears on each Bin.


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