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Humans Mistreat Other Animals. Let Me Count the Ways


There’s a long history of humans mistreating other animals, sometimes in ways so painful and cruel it signals the worst in our species. Here’s and extensive list of examples.

by David Stone

  • Factory farming faux-pas: You know what they say, “Out of sight out of mind.” But those cramped, filthy conditions for our beloved cows, pigs, and chickens are no laughing matter.
  • Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3: Makeup is great for covering up those pesky blemishes, but at what cost? Countless bunnies have been painfully poked and prodded in the name of beauty.
  • Fighting the good fight: Breed fighting, like dog or cockfighting, isn’t just illegal – it’s downright cruel. Why can’t we all just get along?
  • Poaching: Rhinos, elephants, and tigers, oh my! These majestic creatures don’t deserve to be hunted for their horns, tusks, or pelts. Can’t we just appreciate them from a distance?
  • Sport hunting – more like “sport” hurting: Hunting for food is one thing, but hunting for fun? That’s a whole different ball game. Leave the shooting for video games, folks!
  • Habitat destruction dilemma: Forests are being chopped down faster than you can say “deforestation,” leaving countless critters homeless and struggling to survive. What’s next, evicting Bambi?
  • Circus shenanigans: Elephants balancing on balls and lions jumping through hoops may seem entertaining, but these animals endure harsh training methods. Let’s leave the tricks to the clowns, shall we?
  • Zoo-tastrophe: Zoos can be educational, but sometimes they’re more like animal prisons. Maybe we should switch to virtual reality tours instead?
  • Fur fashion faux-pas: Wearing the skin of another animal may have been necessary back in the caveman days, but it’s time to embrace synthetic alternatives.
  • Fishing for trouble: Overfishing is a serious issue, and it’s not just the fish that suffer. Dolphins, whales, and other marine life often get caught in the crossfire. Let’s reel in our consumption, shall we?
  • Exotic pet predicament: Sure, a pet tiger sounds like a cool idea, but owning exotic animals can lead to neglect, abuse, and even public safety risks. Stick to cats, birds and dogs, folks – they’re easier to cuddle with anyway.
  • Animal testing in research: It’s hard to argue against advances in medicine, but at what cost? Animals used for scientific research often suffer in the name of progress. There must be a better way!

Would you live as you do if you had to look at the animals cruelly mistreated and killed for your lifestyle?

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