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10 Crazy Reasons Cats Are Just Plain Nuts


The article will be about all the reasons cats are, well, crazy. All ten points will be about the animals themselves, but some include their owners. This list is certain to convince people that there’s something wrong with both parties of a cat/owner relationship.

by David Stone

for Assorted Ideas, Large & Small

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There are many reasons why cats are considered one of the world’s most popular pets. Unfortunately, they’re also known as the craziest of animals as well.

Let me explain. Unlike dogs, who can’t go a day without helping their owners with something, cats often do whatever they want and don’t listen to anyone else. They also tend to leave dead animals everywhere and some even play with them for hours at a time. Alternatively, cats certainly don’t seem like great pets to their owners either, mostly because of all the weird things they do.

10. They’re always sleeping, especially when they should be helping around the house

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Cats are always sleeping, which is great if they’re helping you go to sleep at night, but not so great if they’re supposed to be keeping the home safe. For example, cats will often work together when it’s time to catch prey – even though humans typically don’t want them eating all of their birds or rodents.

However, a cat’s sleeping habits don’t just hurt its owners, but also themselves. Cats often sleep for 18 hours a day and only spend 2 hours awake! Unless they’re eating, hunting, or playing with their owner, most cats are always fast asleep. Unfortunately, this means that many of them never get to go outside and exercise, which is also a problem.

9. Cats eat things that are certainly not food items for cats

Cats’ eating habits are very weird – unlike dogs, who only eat what they’re supposed to, cats enjoy a wide variety of different foods and won’t hesitate to steal them from your plate when you’re not looking.

But, they, also, often eat inedible objects that are not food for cats – like clothes! It may seem bizarre when a cat goes into your closet and pulls out an old shirt to eat, but it’s very common. Cats also have been known to ingest other small household items as well, which could be hazardous for them.

One cat I know ate so much fabric, a vet had to operate to clear out the obstruction. Twice. Otherwise, he was a great, fun cat.

8. They leave dead animals in your bed

This is one of the more disturbing habits that cats have – they’ll often hunt down mice, birds, lizards, and other small creatures to kill for whatever reason they want. Unfortunately, their owner’s beds happen to be a common place for discarding dead animals. If a cat sees an animal it wants to hunt, it will often go into the owner’s bedroom, kill it with one swift bite, and then leave its dead body in the bed.

Needless to say, this is not only gross but also can cause serious health problems for cats who eat lizards or mice.

7. Their stomachs rumble, even when it’s time to eat dinner

It’s weird how many cats don’t even seem to care about eating at all. It seems like no matter what you do or say, your cat will not eat any part of its dinner.

Believe it or not, this is extremely common for cats – their habit of hunting prey can often cause them to engage in an action called “fasting,” which means that they don’t eat anything for days. When a cat is in fasting mode, it will try to ignore all of its cravings and it won’t be very good company.

6. Cats don’t listen to their owners

Even when you have a cat restrained or on a leash, it’s almost impossible to get them to do anything they don’t want to do. While dogs are very obedient and will listen to their owners, cats are much more stubborn. They have a mind of their own, which is very strange because that usually indicates that the animal has some sort of intelligence.

If you need your cat to do something important, like come inside when it’s raining or clean up its litter box, you’re out of luck. It would be much more helpful if it knew how to do something useful around the house.

5. Their urine makes flowers die

Cats’ urine might not seem so bad at first glance, but this is very toxic for any living plant nearby. Ironically, cats sometimes try to mark their territory by urinating on a flower, because it kills the plant. This is especially dangerous for houseplants since most cats tend to wander inside and outside of their homes at will without knowing better.

If your cat pees on a houseplant that you want to keep alive, try putting a little bit of wood ash on the soil. This will completely replace any nitrogen that has been lost with its urine.

4. They often sleep for 18 hours a day

Most cats love to sleep and they’ll do it almost anywhere – even in the strangest places like flowerpots, drawers, and grocery shopping bags (if you leave them open). Some cats do nothing but sleep all day, which is strange because most of them will tell you that they don’t want to be sleeping that much.

When a cat isn’t sleeping, it’s probably just staring off into space for about 18 hours with its eyes open.

3. Cats can’t purr on demand

If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with your cat, you’ll know that it purrs in the middle of sentences randomly – but only when it feels like doing so.

It doesn’t matter what kind of mood your cat is in or how hard you’re trying to get them to talk – they just won’t do it right now.

If you didn’t know, the weird thing is that cats can’t control their purring, and they do it whenever they feel like it. It’s bizarre because most other animals make specific sounds for a reason – communicating with one another or scaring intruders away.

2. They vomit everywhere

Cats love to eat – but unfortunately for everyone else in the world, they can’t digest their food. While dogs are more patient and will wait for their owner to feed them, cats need to eat immediately before it gets cold or falls on the floor (because they’re picky like that).

This means that if you want to feed your cat, you’ll have no choice but to make sure it eats quickly – otherwise, the excess cat food will fall on the floor and your cat will eat it anyway. Some cats might even climb up onto counters or tables to get to the food, which means that it’ll probably be all over your floors before long anyway.

1. Their fur looks like they just got electrocuted

For some reason, every single strand of fur on a cat’s body looks like it just got electrocuted all the time. It’s very strange because this doesn’t happen with other animals and their fur coats, but cats are special. They have an elegant look about them that seems incomplete when they’re not looking disheveled in some way or another – which is why they keep their fur messy all the time.


It’s clear that cats are very unique animals that behave very differently from other pets – but it’s what makes them so lovable. You can’t keep a wild animal as a pet without considering some things, though! If you’re wondering why your cat is acting the way it does, just ask yourself whether or not its behavior is in keeping with the list above. If it is, then there’s a reason for its strange actions and you shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Also, please don’t hate us for damaging your image of cats because these animals are still amazing in so many ways and we love them very much (as well as dogs but cats are a lot cooler).

We just wanted to be honest and tell the truth about these animals because we love them so much, so let’s all agree to have a mutual understanding. If you happen to disagree, then don’t feel like you can’t still love your cat. It’s all up to you as the owner of the cat. They’re just animals after all, but they will still love you with all their heart, and it’s wonderful to have them in your life (even if they are a little weird).

We hope that this listicle has helped you learn more about cats and their wacky behavior! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, and we hope you have a wonderful rest of your life!

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  1. Hi David,
    This is a great post. Made me laugh. This is a three cat household so you can imagine.
    Now, I’ve lived with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and fish. By far, cats are the most, uh, unique. I swear, I have been loved, adored, disliked, and JUDGED by my cats. It’s that “look” sometimes- the one where they’re looking right in your eyes, but somewhere in the back of your brain (like a Stephen King moment), suddenly you feel unsure and wonder, if in the next second, you may be in need of 911. No, it’s not that intense. But…there’s always a little “thing” there with cats. I think it’s because they’re very self-possessed, and I read an article years ago that genetically places cats as close to ‘wild’ as they come.
    Cats are cool. And crazy. Have you ever just watched your cat SUDDENLY, with NO warning or preamble, just FLY out of the room like they’ve been blow torched? Like Satan is upon them? Eyes wide, claws grasping the rug to get away…GONE. You mention dead animals on the bed as gifts…how about waking up in the middle of the night BECAUSE your cat flew up out of a coma sleep, in order to catch a little mouse IN THE DARK and then bring it to bed? Or how about the cat scream in the middle of the night because your cat is at a window and ‘something’ is outside that they think is a problem?
    Cats keep us on guard. They keep us humble. They remind us of who is the servant.
    Another confounding thing: Cats are OCD creatures. We know this. So WHY do they suddenly change habits? And in THIS household, when they change habits out of nowhere, and I have to ‘catch up’, they look at me like I’m nuts for not ‘getting it’. I’ve also dealt with the random vomit, the electrocuted look, the weird eating habits…I don’t know. My cat karma is here to stay. As I posted in another thread, they keep finding me and showing up on my porch. What am I to do?
    “Other threads” reminds me…I follow your posts but don’t have time to comment on everything, which is probably good for you since I’d be all over your blog and I need to calm down about things. But I must comment on the Esther Hicks stuff. You KNOW you’ve hit paydirt when you’ve incited anger, judgment, indignation…what strikes me the most is that the people who are so unbelievably critical are supposedly following a philosophy of ‘to each his own’, Free Will, and “we create our own realities”. The Abraham philosophy supposedly also promotes compassion and uses an all encompassing energy to explain this world. The people who are lashing out are obviously feeling threatened and/or scared. It’s not very high level at all. And quite frankly, from a human perspective, it’s just…mean. Which makes it more ridiculous that a “high level” person, who supposedly feels secure in his/her beliefs, has to bully someone who dares question those beliefs. Some of the big names: Ticht Nacht Han, the Dali Lama, and even our really Earth based Eckardt Tolle and Deepak Chopra, wouldn’t do that. They are secure enough in their beliefs to “allow” others their opinions and their path.
    One issue I find with many people who are so threatened or quick to shred someone, is that they’re living in a spiritual bypass. Just because you read spiritual information or like spiritual texts and philosophies does NOT mean you’re living them. There’s a huge difference between an intellectual understanding of these concepts and LIVING THEM. Living these spiritual doctrines means taking a close look at our own wounds, our own ‘stuff’ and our own motivations for how we’re living our lives. Spiritual beliefs are NOT separate from living day to day. And spiritual beliefs are NOT all about accumulating wealth!
    Rant over. Gotta go tend to the CATS. As every, thank you for your refreshing posts!

    • Our two-cat household agrees. Doing something more playful was a relief, and I may do more of it. And on the other topic, I’ve been shaking my head for a long time, but for the record, the A-H posts have been read over a million times. That means hundreds of thousands have had a thorough chance to consider all angles before jumping in. That’s the best you can hope for.
      BTW, comments are always welcome because they add context and expanded insight into the conversation. Don’t thing twice.

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