What Smells The Worst – Marijuana, Cigarettes or a Fart?


There’s nothing quite like the smell of a good, pungent fart. But what about the smell of marijuana or cigarettes? Which is worse?

by the Roosevelt Island Daily News Research Team

Cities like New York absorb a layer of smells that, at times, gain the accents of more immediate and temporary odors. Especially on weekends, for example, areas of Manhattan smell like a pack of skunks had been set free.

That marijuana odor stands as one of three major causes of human-induced stink. The others are cigarette smoke and random intestinal gas explosions. But which is worse? Which one makes the most people disgusted?

Let’s take a closer look at each of these smells to see which is the most offensive.

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Marijuana: Marijuana smokers often complain about the skunky smell of their weed. This is because marijuana contains a compound called myrcene, which is responsible for the pungent odor.

Cigarettes: Cigarette smoke is made up of thousands of chemicals, including tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. These chemicals combine to create a smell that’s both acrid and sweet.

Farts: Farts are caused by the fermentation of food in the large intestine. This process produces methane and hydrogen, which are responsible for the characteristic odor.

The Study

Our team did an informal study, questioning people randomly as they exited Off Broadway theatres on a Saturday afternoon. Here’s what we found…

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Marijuana: 7% of people said that the smell of marijuana was the worst.

Cigarettes: 19% of people said that the smell of cigarettes was the worst.

Farts: 74% of people said that the smell of farts was the worst.

So there you have it! The overwhelming majority of people think that the smell of farts is worse than the smell of either marijuana or cigarettes. If you’re looking to clear a room, just let one rip!

Some comments from our study subjects…

“The smell of cigarettes is just gross. It’s like someone set a fire and then put it out with their stinky breath.” – Sarah, age 22

“Marijuana smells like skunk, and that’s not something I want to smell all the time.” – Mike, age 25

“Farts are just nasty. They smell like death.” – Jessica, age 28

“I don’t know what’s worse – the smell of cigarettes or the smell of farts. They both make me want to vomit.” – John, age 30

So, now we know which is worse – farts beat cigarettes and Mary Jane by a large margin. But we can say that all three of these smells are pretty rank. So, if you’re looking to avoid offending others, you might want to steer clear of all three.

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