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Past Lives Regression: Where Have I Been All My Lives?


Past Lives Regression? Feel like you might have been someone else in a past life? You may be right. Here’s what past life regression is, how it works, and what you can expect from the experience.

Who knows, you may discover that you’ve lived many different lives – as a royal, an artist, or even a dolphin! (We’re not judging.) Read on.

by David Stone

What is past lives regression and how does it work?

Past lives regression is a therapy that looks at a person’s past-life experiences. Some explore the potential causes of current mental and physical health issues. Others just want the adventure, the discoveries.

It aims to tap into the root of our existence in order to uncover prior life events that may be impacting our present selves.

The process typically involves a guided meditation, facilitated by an experienced therapist. This, in theory, helps access forgotten memories from another life or time period. Whether these are past lives or imagination may depend on the individual.

During each session, the therapist will uncover stories connected with repressed emotions and patterns that provide insight into dynamics in the subject’s life, helping them focus on any links to the present.

Ultimately, past lives regression can provide big insights by looking way back at personal history, whether it serves as a creative storytelling tool or actually provides therapeutic healing

How can regression help you in this lifetime?

Regression therapy is increasingly popular, and for good reason. It essentially allows you to dive into the root sources of current issues and offers a fresh perspective.

If successful, it makes one more mindful of the past while avoiding any trauma or wounds attached to it.

Regression helps assess where you are at present so that you can make better-informed decisions.

With the help of a certified therapist and their specialized tactics, this has the potential to open up opportunities that can free us from limiting thoughts and confusion.

What are some of the benefits of regression therapy?

Regression therapy is a helpful treatment for trauma and negative thought patterns, allowing one to revisit and approach traumatic experiences from a different, more processed perspective.

By observing from a ‘witness’ standpoint, we can identify ways of responding to our own emotions.Tthat brings us closer to healing. Through this process, we see patterns in our behavior and potential triggers that upset us.

This therapeutic tool also opens access to buried memories or emotions with greater ease. Regression therapy works by creating space for growth and discovery.

The positive effects of regression therapy are long-lasting which further enhances its effectiveness, leading to a healthier path in life.

Are there any risks involved with past lives regression therapy?

Regression therapy can be a useful tool, but there are a few risks might want to think about

As a relatively new form of therapy, the effects and specifics can vary from practitioner to practitioner. So, it’s important to research before picking someone to work with.

Without the necessary training, your therapist may not know how to provide appropriate boundaries or navigate disturbing memories. There are plenty of possible surprises.

Additionally, because past lives regression therapy deals with hidden memories and experiences, it can be a very emotional journey. Practitioners must exercise caution to avoid causing unintentional harm.

Of course, regression therapy can provide rich rewards and pay dividends if approached carefully with the right support.

How can you find a qualified therapist to help you with regression therapy?

Finding a qualified therapist to help you with regression therapy doesn’t have to be difficult. Doing research on the web is always a good place to start. Use Google search for reviews of practitioners and their certifications.

But rather than relying solely on online research, ask friends and family if they’ve had any experiences they could share.

Ultimately, even using resources such as Psychology Today ensures that you can find enough information about potential therapists and make an informed decision

Past lives regression is a form of therapy that can help you access memories of past lives. It can be used to help you heal from trauma, work through difficult emotions, and gain a greater understanding of yourself.

While there are some risks involved with regression therapy, it is generally safe when conducted by a qualified therapist. So, give it a whirl. Discoveries await.

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