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What If You Died Right Now…?


What is you died right now…? Meditators say they’ve had out of body experiences, giving them insights into the other, spiritual side. But are they complete? Do they really tell us about life after death…?

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By David Stone

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Down this tunnel…

 Meditators who’ve had out of body experiences offer insight into the spirit world. But while what they share is intriguing, the insights are not complete.

They don’t tell us enough about life after death.  

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Past life and life between life regressions show us what may lie beyond the tunnels or inside the light. What’s more, they’re evidence, lots of it, answering the question… What if you died right now? 

Past life regression therapy is controversial.

As therapy, it eases discomfort and resolves emotional struggles, taking a subject back to a previous life. There he or she may discover a source of fear or anxiety and become better able to deal with it.

But the past lives might be imaginary. They need not be real to be effective.

Patients benefit from the therapy without believing fantastic implications. Well enough, but then, what if past lives are confirmed in public records?

Now, you’ve got fantastic rattling reality. 

Dr. Michael Newton included hypnotherapy in his practice. His life changed when a patient came to his office complaining of sharp pains in his side. He’d already seen medical doctors unable to relieve his symptoms or even find a cause.

Hypnosis might uncover something hidden in his subconscious, maybe a psychosomatic condition.  

This patient hypnotized easily, going into a deep trance quickly.

Asked about the source of his pain, he recalled being bayoneted to death in the Battle of the Somme in World War I. That was a half-century earlier.

This patient did something the doctor never saw before, leaping into a past life. 

A history buff, Newton got as many details, including name, rank and military unit as he could.

His patient’s mysterious pains subsided.

But more importantly, Newton then confirmed the details gathered in the regression. 

Believers in reincarnation won’t be surprised, but a direct past life encounter is not normal or accepted in western medical science.

For Newton, it showed more to a life than the surface dimension.

What If You Died Right Now? Another patient event took him deeper… 

A woman, troubled by isolation and friendlessness, hoped hypnosis might find the source of her extreme sadness.

Practicing past life regression therapy regularly by now, Newton helped her find her way into earlier incarnations in search of connections and insight. Nothing came up until, abruptly, the woman brightened, declaring that she was now with her friends. 


She gestured across the room at a crowd invisible to Newton.

What past life was she in? None of them, she explained. She’d been joined by her soul cluster, a spiritual family that had been with her during and between all of her many lives.  

Was it her imagination..?

Maybe. But if not, who could prove any of what she claimed?  

Seven thousand recorded case histories later, Dr. Michael Newton was certain that he could. His book, Journey of Souls, detailed a strange universe exposed by hypnotic regressions and spurred broader interest in the study of life between lives.  

Taking our understanding so far beyond Moody’s near-death experiences and with implications far greater, Newton and his followers’ startling findings have been about as widely accepted and understood as those of the pioneering quantum physicists.

That is, hardly at all.

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