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More Subway Violence Jams Rush Hour in Queens


Have trouble getting home on the F Train last evening? Subway violence, this time on an F Train in Queens, rattled traffic across several lines. A deadly incident happened in Jackson Heights.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

According to a report in the New York Times, a fight on the F Train platform at Roosevelt Avenue ended when a man fell or was pushed onto the tracks and was hit by an arriving train.

But it wasn’t young people or an isolated attack, this time. The men were 48 and 50 years of age. Their fight started, police said, after 48-year-old Heriberto Quintana knocked the other man’s cell phone out of his hand and onto the tracks.

A fight ensued, ending in Quintana’s death on the tracks. It is not known whether he fell or was pushed.

The subway violence brought traffic came to a halt at around 5:00 p.m., the height of rush hour, and led to delays and detours throughout most lines serving Queens. The Roosevelt Avenue station is one of the busiest in the system.


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