Taking Action on Main Street When Dog Love Is Too Much Even for the Dogs

Taking Action on Main Street When Dog Love Is Too Much Even for the Dogs

Dog love blossomed on Main Street a few years ago when PupCulture opened its doors and – more importantly – windows. People love dogs. Roosevelt Islanders stopped at the windows and watched dogs frolic in their play space. Over time, it became too much even for the dogs.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Ever watchful Roosevelt Island observer Judith Berdy doesn’t miss much. She’s a reliable resource for learning about local news we’d otherwise miss. On Monday, she spotted something: “New blocked out windows.”

And she sent the photo above which, in turn, sent us out to learn more. What we discovered was that dog love on Main Street went over the top, forcing the new curtains.

Roosevelt Island Pups posted this notice regarding the new curtains.

Dog love became so rampant that it caused problems inside the playrooms.

Knocking on the windows, even “hovering” in front of them causes problems no one intends.

As much as our mind’s view of the world is formed by what we see, a dog’s world comes together from what he or she smells. Those long nostrils ain’t for nuthin’. In fact, most canine species have a special chamber that recirculates and amplifies smells as they make up a universe in their minds.

Think of it like staring at a scene to really take it all in. Except it’s a different scent-based view for dogs, but that gets scrambled when it can’t smell what it sees.

Dog Love Modified

Understanding how much that shared affection matters to the dogs as well as people passing by on Main Street, Roosevelt Island Pups hung a compromise.

True to its promise, Roosevelt Island Pups pulled back the curtains allowing limited viewing for passersby who reliably love the dogs.

It’s a win for Roosevelt Islanders as well as for one of the most highly respected businesses on Main.

And, of course, for the dogs. They appreciate their fans as much as their naps and uninterrupted playtime.

And their neighbors enjoy a little bit more quiet too.

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