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What Were The Hippie Beliefs? A 1960s Flashback


The hippie subculture emerged in the United States during the mid-1960s and became associated with a rejection of mainstream values. Hippie beliefs advocated for peace, love, and personal freedom, among other things. Here is a closer look at some of the hippie beliefs that defined their movement.

by David Stone

The Belief in Peace and Love 

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One of the most iconic symbols of the hippie movement is the peace sign. Hippies believed in using nonviolent methods to achieve their goals. They also championed love over hate. The belief in peace and love was often tied to a rejection of traditional politics and government. Many hippies felt that politicians were corrupt and that governments were more interested in waging wars than they were in achieving peace. 

The Hippie Belief in Personal Freedom 

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Hippies believed in letting people live their lives as they saw fit as long as they weren’t hurting anyone else in the process. This belief extended to issues like drugs and sex. Hippies believed that people should be free to use whatever drugs they wanted and have as much sex as they wanted without judgment from others. They also believed that these activities could be done responsibly and without harming others. 

The Rejection of Materialism 

Hippies rejected materialism and consumerism. They believed that these things were empty pursuits that did not lead to happiness or fulfillment. Hippies were often seen as people who dropped out of society because they did not want to participate in what they saw as a meaningless rat race. Instead, they pursued alternative lifestyles that they felt were more authentic and satisfying. 

Mind Expansion Through Drugs, Plants, Faith and Eastern Religions

Hippies believed in expanding their minds through drugs, plants, faith, and Eastern religions. They often turned to psychedelic drugs like LSD and mushrooms in an attempt to achieve a higher level of consciousness. Some also used marijuana and hashish for this purpose. In addition to using drugs, hippies also explored alternative faiths like Buddhism and Hinduism


The hippie movement was defined by a number of different beliefs, but perhaps chief among them was the belief in peace, love, and personal freedom. These beliefs led many hippies to reject traditional values and institutions like political parties, government, and corporations. While the hippie movement did not last long, it left a lasting impact on American culture.


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