How Countless Umwelt Universes Prove That There Is No Real World

It’s easy to take the world around us for granted. We assume that what we see is an accurate representation of reality. But what if

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Biocentrism: The Most Important Book of the 21st Century

Biocentrism, Robert Lanza‘s eye’s-wide-opening dive into explaining reality hardly covers all the bases or avoids controversy. But its deft reliance on how individual intelligence creates

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The world is not flat, and you are standing on it.

Everything is connected… It’s a fact, and facts don’t care what you think. They just sit there. Pick a fight with them, and they won’t even punch back. They’re not always permanent. You can bend them.  By David Stone Assorted Ideas, Large & Small How Everything Works Together In This Seamless Universe Facts change, not

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Ultimate Reality All Of It

Ultimate reality, all of it… Life surprises. Surprises are sparks. (An excerpt from Amazing Truths About Conscious Awareness) By David Stone Rain falls from a sunny sky. Streets and sidewalks are speckled. You look up. A small, ragged, roiling cluster of gray to black slides under the blue. Displaced, you think. Sunny or cloudy skies, few

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Off We Go Now Into The Mysterious Dream of Sleep

When we work our way into meditation or  deep sleep, we pull down some walls, roll up the sidewalks and wander freely through altered awareness. We see things. We pass them off as dreams, as if dreams don’t count.

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