Mediterranean Eatery: Now a Great New Food Option


For six months, Alan Kruvi worked, mostly quietly, building his Mediterranean Eatery on Main Street. An Island House resident, Kruvi finished earlier this month and waited only for FDNY approval before serving up the best new food Roosevelt Island has seen in years. It’s the newest addition to Shops On Main.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

A Mediterranean Eatery for Main Street, Roosevelt Island

Inside the Mediterranean Eatery. Photo courtesy of Sylvan Klein.

For two weeks, Kruvi kept turning out delicious falafels that he couldn’t sell. After completing his set up, arranging bright new chairs and tables for indoor dining, he had to wait for various city agencies’ approvals.

FDNY, he told The Daily, was the last.

Creating his small restaurant, Kruvi never got hung up on the bureaucratic spiderwebs other Main Street businesses say holds them back, at times for year.

As he handed out free felafels to curious visitors entering through an unlocked front door, Kruvi talked about his goals. He wasn’t trying to get rich, he said. He is interested in helping build community through the shared joys of food.

Infectiously enthusiastic, he served fresh delights to anyone stopping in and showing interest.

What’s It All About?

Alon Kruvi’s affection for Roosevelt Island is right out front. But he’s neither a pioneer nor the child or grandchild of one. He’s inheritor of the tradition of community living at a fair price.

Practically speaking, he says he was the first new tenant in Island House after Mitchell Lama controls ended, opening up long closed doors of ownership. He’s never looked back.

And now, he’s put his money where his hear is – on Main Street Roosevelt Island.

Stop in. Pay a visit. Most importantly, invest a few bucks in some tasty Mediterranean food. You will be back for more.


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