Lorde, Global Citizen Live at Four Freedoms Park

Behind the Scenes in Global Citizen Live at Four Freedoms Park


Global Citizen streamed live, much of it from Central Park, but we got behind the scenes with Lorde‘s Solar Power in Four Freedoms State Park. Catch the full video of her performance below.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

Preparing for Global Citizen Live.
Workers set up the stage in FDR Four Freedoms State Park.

The 24-hour streaming marathon, Global Citizen Live, balances on three pillars of public virtue, each consistent with the Four Freedoms mission. Defeat Poverty. Defend the Planet. Demand Equity. Stars from around the world hit the stage while the planet made one full turn.

Global Citizen Live with Lorde in Four Freedoms State Park on Roosevelt Island

“I am so thrilled that Lorde and Global Citizen decided to perform at FDR Four Freedoms State Park  on Roosevelt Island,” said Four Freedom’s executive director Howard Axel. 

Lorde is a New Zealander, but the New York design set for her fit perfectly.

Lorde discussed final preparations.

“The park is fast becoming a recognizable in a world wide perspective,” Axel added, “as a true monument to Human Rights.”

On stage with her band.

“The Four Freedoms didn’t start with FDR, and I hope, with partners like Global Citizens, FDR Four Freedoms State Park can play a part in bringing more equity to our city, our state and beyond.”

In performance.

Pitchfork magazine cites “…holistic beauty and revelations about the natural world…” in Lorde’s lyrics for Solar Power, but have a listen yourself. And enjoy the opening, sweeping aerial view of the park and Roosevelt Island.

Lorde Solar Power

All photos © Four Freedoms Conservancy. Used with permission.

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