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In blow to Maloney, Sen. Elizabeth Warren goes with Nadler


After Democrats fumbled redistricting with a partisan gerrymander, a court-appointed special master redrew the 12th Congressional District. Now, instead of safe seats for veterans Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, they are pitted against each other. Seasoning the political stew for this contest is a strong progressive challenger, Suraj Patel.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

New York’s 12th District covers meaty sections of Manhattan, river to river, including Roosevelt Island. It includes areas currently represented by Maloney and Nadler. Considered a toss-up with little reported public polling, the district also has Suraj Patel running a strong, muscular campaign.

Patel first ran against Maloney in 2018 and nearly unseated her in 2020. Two veteran heavyweights chewing off bits of each other’s support leave Patel in a strong position, although the clickbait-addicted mainstream media focuses on the insider battle. That is, once friends, but now enemies in a battle that will end the career of at least one of them.

As sensitive as that is, Senator Warren’s weighing in may have an outsized impact.

“I’m proud to endorse @JerryNadler for re-election in #NY12. When Manhattanites need a champion — someone to defend their reproductive rights, fight back against Republican bullies in Washington, and protect our kids from gun violence — they know that they can depend on Jerry,” Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, said on Twitter.

Nadler vs Maloney vs Patel

Even without Warren’s influence, the battle lines pit veterans with similar appeals against a much younger and more progressive opponent.

Patel’s positions are to the left of Nadler and Maloney on a host of issues. He wants to decriminalize sex work, provide Medicare for All, cancel student debt, and get big money out of politics.

In contrast, Nadler and Maloney are more incremental, focusing on issues like reproductive rights, healthcare and gun violence prevention.

“I’m thrilled to have the endorsement of @ewarren — a true champion for working families. From Roosevelt Island to Chelsea and everywhere in between, I’m committed to fighting for you in #NY12. So proud to have Senator Warren on my team,” Mr. Nadler tweeted back.

In their own ways, Nadler and Maloney are effective at what they do. Nadler has been chair of the House Judiciary Committee since 2019 and is a powerful voice for the rule of law and against abuses by the Trump administration.

Maloney, as chair of the House Oversight Committee, has been relentless in her investigations of the Trump administration.

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