All that we lost when they mangled Southpoint Park

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Updating Southpoint Park as a welcoming open space, Roosevelt Islanders worked with RIOC, putting together a plan. The

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Habitat Devastation, Two Years Later, in Southpoint Park

Two summers ago, defying community resistance and overthrowing an approved plan, RIOC devastated the shoreline areas in Southpoint Park. These were the last natural shorelines

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Spring is here, and the Southpoint Rock Farm is… Rocky

The Shelton J. Haynes/Langan Southpoint Rock Farm promised pathways with “lush vegetation.” Promise fulfilled? You decide. by David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News The

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One Last Autumn Look, 2020 in a Changing Southpoint Park

Autumn 2020 in Southpoint Park was poignant because the badly flawed conversion underway changed it forever. We left the visible scars out for a nostalgia

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Cat Sanctuary Endangered: Is It Now RIOC Seeking Revenge?

The widely admired Roosevelt Island cat sanctuary in Southpoint Park is endangered. Known for its loving, unpaid animal care, it’s in trouble because its landlord,

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