The Seeds of Leadership Sprinkled Again on Roosevelt Island

The Seeds of Leadership Sprinkled Again on Roosevelt Island

After a two-year, pandemic-forced layoff, the J. Luce Foundation resumes its pioneering Young Global Leadership training, this summer, on Roosevelt Island. The goal is developing leadership that can help make a better world in the coming decades.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

For the sixth year, Roosevelt Islander Jim Luce organizes training for two dozen young adults selected, in 2022, from CUNY schools.

Luce also devotes year-round attention to improving education and living conditions for orphaned children around the world through Orphans International Worldwide.

Young Global Leaders Award Ceremony in 2018. Jim Luce is at the center.

The Critical Importance of Leadership

The Luce Foundation’s Young Global Leaders program (YGL) is one of the few that focus on leadership development for young adults.

In our rapidly changing world, we desperately need more young leaders to step up and provide solutions to the challenges we face.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of leadership.

We’ve seen what can happen when leaders are not up to the task.

The Assignment

“You have been accepted into our Young Global Leadership Initiative 2022 Cohort, a program to empower young global leaders wishing to better humanity to think, write, speak, organize, and utilize social media more effectively.” – Jim Luce

“Our focus this summer will be on Administration (Accounting, Correspondence, Special Events & Technology), Branding & Marketing (Journalism, Social Media, Project Wiki, Public Relations & Videography), and Projects (Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand plus Lions Club),” an email from Luce informs the recruits.

The 24 will be divided into three groups meeting on separate days, each up-and-coming leader assigned a mentor from a team of Global Advisors.

“Please bring your laptop and a cheerful disposition as we embark on Uplifting Humanity together!” Luce cheered them on.

But Luce keeps it Loose

“We have optional meetings in Theater District restaurants, zoom meetings with China, India & Tanzania, a barbeque picnic, fun with rescued small dogs, and possible meetings with elected public officials scheduled for the summer,” he advises. “It is going to be extremely empowering, uplifting – and fun!”

All of the charitable, worldwide efforts organized by Jim Luce have roots firmly planted in Roosevelt Island.

“We will conclude our summer program with an Awards Ceremony where you will, upon successful completion, receive a framed Certificate of Award for your work. This will be in conjunction with our annual J. Luce Foundation 24 Under 24 Awards.”

With pandemic restrictions lessened, the groups are moving aggressively to meet their goals of shining powerful lights into the future and giving young people the tools needed for success as leaders in a fast-changing universe.

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