Roy Eaton at 91

Mark your calendars: Hall of Famer Roy Eaton’s back in Bryant Park, this month


Roy Eaton’s back in Bryant Park for the lunchtime piano series, starting September 13th. The legendary Roosevelt Islander is 92 and all but unstoppable.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

When I ran into Roy yesterday, he confirmed the the news he shared earlier.

Neither a severe stroke in 2017, his age nor COVID-19 fears will prevent his playing live again, this year. His annual performances were singular events until COVID shut the series down in 2020.

Roy’s gigs are as spiritual as they are musical as he invites listeners to enter into the peaceful universe of transcendental meditation. (Read his story here.)

His solo piano playing begins at 12:30 and runs for two hours. You can join in whenever you like or stay for the whole show. It’s free, and Bryant Park is a lovely venue. Dates are Monday September 13th thru Thursday September 16th.

Roy Eaton at 89.
©David Stone/Roosevelt Island Daily News (RIOC, please don’t steal this image, again. Thank you.)

We hope to see you there.

Roy Eaton, honored as “the Jackie Robinson of Advertising” entered the Advertising Hall of Fame in 2010.

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