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RIVAA Vernissage XIX: The Art Is Now Finally Rising


RIVAA Vernissage XIX, rising now after a six-month pandemic stall, is a fresh sign of life for Roosevelt Island. Because you probably missed it, here’s a look at opening night, photos courtesy of Tad Sudol and RIVAA.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

When COVID-19 restrictions shut down Vernissage XIX on the eve of its opening, who knew when if ever we’d see the show? Vernissage is RIVAA’s most important annual event, the season inaugural when the artists pull back the curtain on new works.

But the show, all hung and ready to go, waited in the darkened gallery for six months, and its opening, on Saturday, showed it was worth the wait.

RIVAA Vernissage XIX Rises To The Occasion

Opening Night, Vernissage XIX, Gallery RIVAA
Artists met on Main Street for the long delayed opening as a late summer evening darkened.

Vibrant colors in every corner.

Seen from the big windows on Main Street, Vernissage called welcome to passersby.

RIVAA Vernissage XIX Opening

There are times when the best entertainment in New York City is people watching. That’s lessened, but still there, and visitors in art galleries are often the best.

Lost in the art, they take characters not shown elsewhere.

Restrictions forced a thinner crowd, but the art still mesmerized. Featured in black and white, a large triptych by Tad Sudol.

RIVAA Vernissage XIX, a closer look.
A closer look at art that goes deep and wide beyond the canvas surface.
RIVAA Vernissage XIX visitors at opening.
RIVAA senior artist Ioan Popoiu greets visitors at Vernissage XIX.
Georgette Sinclair, RIVAA Vernissage XIX Opening

Pastelist Georgette Sinclair, masked, shares her wall of work with art lovers.

Center Stage: Art without art lovers loses its voice. Art connects.

No words. Art blends with people, and people absorb art’s offerings.

RIVAA Vernissage XIX Rising

Yes, sometimes art will ask you to bring your own language in making it real.

When the image joins the conversation…
RIVAA Vernissage XIX Opening
RIVAA Vernissage XIX, an opening mellows into the night near closing.


  1. The exhibit seems wonderful. It is great to see dialogue amongst the people and artwork! It certainly heals during such a difficult time.
    Walk in love and beauty

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