Week 2 for the East Promenade sinkhole, amateur hour and silence

Week 2 for the East Promenade sinkhole, amateur hour and silence

When I worked in building maintenance, if one of the experienced guys discovered a botched job, he’d frown and mumble, “Amateur hour.” That came to me as I looked at the East Promenade sinkhole, now finishing its second week.

As we reported, last week, an unexplained collapse in the pavement shut down the East Promenade in March.

RIOC‘s alleged Communications Department said this publicly about it: “……………….,” keeping Islanders informed, as usual.

As you can see, cracks in the pavement and what appears as a serious dip are closeby. But RIOC came out with a solution: Drop a sheet of metal and a discarded wooden skid over it.

In a current lawsuit, former RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal swears she warned Governor Cuomo of the threat of a “catastrophic” collapse along the seawall. Neither the warning nor the risk ruffled enough feathers in Albany.

I can just imagine my friend Bill, hands on hips, shaking his head.

“Amateur hour,” he says.

The East Promenade sinkhole and the closed off area are roughly one-hundred feet from current President/CEO Shelton Haynes’s office.


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