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Roosevelt Islander Paul Feinman, A Judge in New York’s Highest Court, Passed Away


Just a week ago, we reported that Judge Paul Feinman retired from the bench due to health concerns. Yesterday, Chief Justice Janet Di Fiore, said that he had died after an undisclosed illness.

“It is with deep sadness that I announce the death today of our beloved colleague, Paul G. Feinman, Associate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals,” di Fiore wrote.

“Judge Feinman was a bright,experienced and knowledgeable jurist who made an extraordinary impact on the Court of Appeals and the law of our state. He was also a kind and gentle man who was loved by many.”

Read her complete statement here.

Feinman lived on Roosevelt Island, in Southtown, with his partner Jay Robert Ostergaard.

Justice Feinman was born in Hempstead on Long Island and was raised in Merrick.

He graduated from Columbia University and earned his law degree at the University of Minnesota.

The Court of Appeals is New York’s highest court, and when Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed him in June, 2013, Feinman was the first openly gay judge serving on the court. The State Senate confirmed him promptly.

Governor Cuomo noted his passing on Twitter:

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