A Heartfelt Tribute Until We Meet Again My Dear Islander Paul…

Esther Yang, a frequent visitor here, offered this heartfelt tribute to Roosevelt Islander Paul Feinman, a lawyer and New York State Court of Appeals Judge who died in March.

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Roosevelt Islander Paul Feinman, A Judge in New York’s Highest Court, Passed Away

Just a week ago, we reported that Judge Paul Feinman retired from the bench due to health concerns. Yesterday, Chief Justice Janet Di Fiore, said that he had died after an undisclosed illness.

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Roosevelt Islanders: Paul G. Feinman Retires from the NYS Court of Appeals

New York State chief judge Janet DiFiore announced the retirement of Paul G. Feinman today, March 23rd, 2021, for health reasons. Feinman lives on Roosevelt Island, in Southtown, with partner Jay Robert Ostergaard.

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