Roosevelt Island cherry blossoms pop. Ready for a big finale?

Roosevelt Island cherry blossoms pop. Ready for a big finale?

Roosevelt Island cherry blossoms, now in pinkish bloom on the most mature trees, set the stage for the season’s best. Expect an April full of color.

A local charm, Roosevelt Island’s cherry blossoms open in sequence, not all at once.

Last week, we saw the youngest turn pink east of Cornell tech, and others, along a patch near Capobianco Field.

Young trees, planted by Cornell Tech, blossom early. They’re juveniles, but they lead the way.

And now, as the Manhattan facing side of the Island gets a boost from fair skies and warm temperatures, our mature trees spring open.

Trees south of the Queensboro Bridge treat viewers across the East River, and the array puts on a show for Tram riders.

Return of the Roosevelt Island cherry blossoms…

As the sequence continues, Roosevelt Island cherry blossoms will brighten two sections of genetically different trees. One pinkish row at a time. It has a way of extending a beautiful season.

And the main attraction, a groove running from the pier north past the Mediation Steps, peaks late this week into the weekend.

There is no organized Cherry Blossom Festival this year, but the organic celebration welcomes spring again.

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Legacy: The Old Roosevelt Island Tram Above the East River, Fine Art Photography Print/©Deborah Julian

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