Bring Back Rosenthal Now, Then Fire All The Bad Apples


Bring back Susan Rosenthal. The idea popped into my head as I reviewed her lawsuit, this morning. It’s the right thing, and it should happen. But it won’t be complete until there’s a housecleaning.

Opinion by David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

Intro: Me vs Susan Rosenthal

Let’s get this out of the way.

Susan Rosenthal and I haven’t always gotten along nor should we. Bring her back, and we still won’t.

Susan Rosenthal with coronavirus face mask
Before her unexpected firing, RIOC president/CEO Susan Rosenthal led the charge against the coronavirus.

Politicians and journalists are like oil and water, not necessarily volatile, but not blending either.

The nature of it’s adversarial, and that makes it work. We keep each other on our toes.

No doubt, I pissed her off plenty, and yes, I wrote that she lied. But if we throw out all the politician who lie, who’s left?

Not anybody above ground.

And I posted plenty positive about her too, although that stuff gets a lot less attention.

So, why bring back Rosenthal at RIOC?

One, it’s simply fair because her dismissal was bogus, based on a concocted set of grievances piled up over years. And that wasn’t much of a hill, nothing more than what’s standard among disgruntled underlings across the planet.

Two, she was a hell of a leader, she didn’t hold grudges, and you knew exactly where you stood with her.

And three, because none of those virtues apply to the cabal of bad apples who sabotaged her.

Bring back Rosenthal, easy because the path is already set…

Settling the lawsuit before it enriches lawyers out of public funds makes it easy bringing back Susan Rosenthal.

That’s because, step one, she wants her job back, and she wants back pay, roughly a hundred grand so far.

And she wants RIOC to pony up her attorney fees, only fair because she wouldn’t have them without being hit with this mess. Plus, she asks for unspecified damages.

Given the cruelty of her dismissal, the state agreeing with an absurd claim that she’s a racist, it’s difficult imagining any amount of cash covering it.

Rosenthal’s long record in support of people of color is one thing, but she’s leader of a loving mixed race family.

And she’s proudly, often humorously Jewish.

Ben Kallos, NYC Council Member, Tree Lighting 2019
Last year, when things were normal, Rosenthal — in stylish red — enjoyed promoting a holiday season anchored on inclusion.

That’s like giving the taint of racism a multiplier of three, and not a word of it’s true.

To bring back Rosenthal, exposing the “cabal’s” motives is not necessary, but making things right means bringing her back ASAP.

And no diddling around with legal shenanigans.

Just do it.

And some lights need to go out at 591 Main…

Bring back Rosenthal and clean house in a way that scrubs out any chance for such any reoccurrence.

Because her reinstatement makes simple good sense, the only real obstacle is in Albany with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s operatives aligned with the bad apples at 591 Main.

Clearly, the complaint leading to her dismissal couldn’t go anywhere without coordination upstate because the grounds were not just insufficient but ridiculous too.

So, first step in bringing back Rosenthal is Albany pulling back its tentacles. Let ’em do a CYA because that’s the best you can hope for with that contaminated crowd.

And leaving the cabal adrift should not trouble them. They’ve done similar before. They did it with Rosenthal.

Then, by whatever means available, wipe out the scourge under the roof at 591 Main Street.

When you talk with people on the street, it quickly becomes apparent that a lot of Roosevelt Islanders know who the bad apples are.

And Rosenthal was not their first victim…. Charlie DeFino and the Roosevelt Island Youth program, Alonza Robertson, Jonna Carmona-Graf, Terrence McCauley… the list is long.

Bring back Rosenthal and give RIOC a badly needed internal refresh.



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